How much have you shifted?

Blessings upon each of you dear ones today. We continue to move into new ways of being. Like the frog who sits in cold water….and then later smells garlic ….we are that way…expect our “cooking” equates to our inner changes and outer perceptions. So much is happening so quickly. Sometimes we get caught in 3D, yet our souls are coming forth.

Take a moment to look back one month ago, 3 months, 6 months and a year….

How different do you feel? To different degrees, do you feel less fear? Questioning what you believe?  Do you feel more inner surety? Or perhaps more questions than answers?

Do you see how the worlds both personal and global are shifting and reflecting the desire for personal inner and outer freedom, peace and truth?   All things are being shaken up for higher choices.  To see what has been hidden.

Be fearless. Follow your heart guidance. Be still.

KNOW that all is moving well for each.


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