How The Northern Lights Are Created

Aurora Lights. Beautiful. As Creator/God/Source is science, more of this just brings to all of us, with open minds and hearts, to see the chemistry, the math, the architecture, the cycles, the flow, the God Science in all things. Humanity is just beginning to cycle through aspects of RE MERGING Spirituality, Metaphysics, Science together as it was when humanity was in full knowing. Ignorance is that which literally keeps us in the dark and out of our own power of good, of truth, of expansion of God consciousness within us and as us. Knowing is actualizing our Creator Source Self. 

We GROW in wisdom…..    auroralightvideo


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understanding and it will supersede that which is currently known, changing many constructs and at the same time, as our planet is experiencing, and solar system, and our bodies, and our consciousness all at various levels of change with incoming frequencies and a cycle of upgrade for all life, This over quite a period of time is again, part of the natural cycle of life that we have not experienced due to some manipulations.

Open heart. Open mind. See. Observe. Never scoff at information, as knowledge is freeing, is empowering if it is pure and true. Hence lies the need for openness, willingness, practice, observation, inner self work, growing and practicing our inner spiritual muscles and ridding self of that which is programs, fear, toxins, self depleting and that which wants us to make our own choice to hide, to not know, to be in fear, stress out, use technology on the outer and untune our own being from the very LIFE FORCE of universal intelligence that we are and are Source from.

Take what serves. Feel through the heart.


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