Humanity – One step forward!

Humanity took a collective step up yesterday. Although very subtle, it took place. A grand step. A pre-ascension preparation. Now after the New Moon, we stand in a completion today of another cycle within a cycle within a cycle. We have “MADE IT”…sorta speak!

We are in for the home run now, literally! Take a moment to breath. Take time today to sit, compose and collect ALL aspects of you. Notice and look back briefly in your life and fast forward to NOW and notice the collective shifts and changes in your inner and outer worlds. Notice if you are more or less stressed. Are you being kinder to yourself and or others? Have you shifted jobs, homes, relationships, tasks, chores, interests, foods, habits, thoughts? Do you feel more in touch with nature, a bigger picture? OR do you feel hurried, fearful, overwhelmed, depressed or angry? Do you feel you may be pushing upstream or see things as falling apart instead of rearranging for a grander outcome?

Perhaps checking in on these feelings NOW is a great thing to do in this moment. Finding our faith, our belief in a higher power working for our good is most beneficial if your view is one of fear. This is the beginning of a final turning point. To choose to align with love and the power that it holds and brings to Self and all. Or stay in the space of fear and create more of that for ones own personal inner world.

CHOOSE LOVE! That is the way to go. Love, trust, faith and an unwavering commitment to see the “good” in all things will be the fuel for you and all of humanity to propel us into higher and expanded levels of experience come 2013.

Grand plans are in the mix. Truly we are shifting, changing, rearranging our minds, bodies, hearts, consciousness and reality. We will experience soon in new ways, that which we have been believing and expecting. Harvest Time is approaching. As above, so below. We reap what we sow.

Sow your seeds of love and expectation that God is working with and through us to usher in the Golden Age of Love.

And so it is dearest ones. The Light moves forward…always…with endless and immeasurable love!

Blessings to all.

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