Hyped AI – Artificial Intelligence – Inorganic

Know that any hype on AI – Artificial Intelligence is just that, a way to deceive man into that which is over God and that which can make man better over man turning within to find Creator and expand and rise in consciousness and morals. Like hype, data, reports, legalization of drugs, pot, focus on DMT and such for spiritual experiences are too, another trick to deceive man into more, false pleasure, superficial expansions in consciousness and addiction and focus off the TRUE PATH OF ASCENSION and SPIRITUAL GROWTH is INNER WORK – WITHOUT ANY THING FROM THE OUTSIDE. What does it take for people to GET IT?? The desire is all to know God for themselves and see that which is the very dark illusion of pleasure and power of the dark masking itself as the latest and greatest or all the “good it does”. Just more clever packaging triggering codes in an already deeply implanted, hypnotized, compromised, toxic, tagged human mind and body.

Take the time, the will, the desire to question beyond the reasons for drugs and technology over the natural state of man untapped into due to focus on the outside instead of the inside. We are incredibly powerfully, purposeful, loving, wise beings, being strategically dumbed down for control, money and energy. Dig deep to cull through the crap and opposing forces on this to find the truth, for it is hidden…yet validated by heart, science, people and another layer and world of information that is pushed aside from the Top down…

If you use artificial intelligence over God, what do you think you get ?

ARTIFICIAL LIFE – SYNTHETIC, DARK – Short term boost for self and fracturing ones soul, before one can even BEGIN to connect to is, and NOT knowing what they have done to themselves in the grand scheme of the Ascension process. Same with drugs, pleasure, self seeking, when the ONLY way is to walk the walk, correct the self, inner inquiry, purposeful reflection and progression into states of awareness, responsibility, integrity, right action, connecting to innate heart wisdom and being SELF sustaining without outside channeling, drugs, sounds, technology. THAT IS THE HARD PART and WORTH EVERY MOMENT for it is The ONLY path. Yes there are many paths, but they still lead to ONE PATH that opens the doors to the Higher Heavens.

All this stuff out there in the media and reports and accounts of great progress or inner growth are still NOT truth. It is self deceiving. Much looks like LIGHT and is the DARK hiding behind the LIGHT. HAPPENING NOW all over the place. The top leaders even this week come together to say one thing, when it is another.

One only KNOWS this by working the inner tools, the heart and beyond outside senses of clairaudience, clariasentience, etc mediumship, astral realm channeling masters, Ashtar (had my experiences) to work the inner core senses to KNOW – cellular knowing. Purity of heart, purity of being, purity of vessel brings this forth with the conscious participation of ascension.

This is a sharing for those who may feel resonate or are able to with great courage and non judgment to seek further for ones self the truth of this and to discern further that which may be discarded of inappropriate technologies and drugs. Ego-addiction body will fight for the right to use and Spirit within will simply know and example that NOTHING is required and all that is used actually DESTROYS DNA and precious connects to the REAL knowing of Creator as Self.

Now we move into a higher density and the span of energies, of consciousness experiences, of “realities” grows. Love is a path forward, yet must be combined with inner work to rid self of programs of anger, hate, revenge, trauma, etc and bring self into balance, harmony and well being. Nothing has changed. These truths of how to achieve greater well being, true spiritual connection is one of incremental adjustments, and all things discussed are part of the journey and experience, yet when the knowledge is gained, then the truth is Self Sovereignty, self contained, and known.

This is for ALL life. For all Human beings on this planet. FEEL where the truth is. FEEL where the sincerity is. FEEL where it is not. FEEL where it is dead light within another. Move away from such. We ALL have these abilities to be groomed, managed and practiced and clearing things that have gotten in the way. Choice remains. Effort needed. Commitment and consent to Know That which Created life with purity of heart brings forth help beyond words….Call it forth. Inquire within. Go to the heart of all things and self.
And so it is.

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