I and Me and We are Melding!

I know I (and YOU) exist in other dimensions and realms. All these aspects of “me” create the I and become WE. We are melding, connecting, integrating and remembering. This is an amazing, blissful metamorphosis and immersion of the soul self coming forth too. I am more than I thought I was….I AM! Bliss fills my heart. Each day this knowing become more solid, more expanded, more sovereign. … We each are on the path to WE, through I AM.

Continue to be very, very conscious of your breathing. Deep breathing is mandatory to really move these energies through our shifting bodies. Water, water, water yourself, more than you normally do. Take time to walk and get outside in the energies of the Sun. The world is taking these energies on as well. WE are all shifting higher and lighter together and soon this will be known by all without any doubt, story, mis-truth or write off. It is our time, the time for humanity to experience freedom of being. Blessed be all.


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