Ignition of the Heart and Head of the Dove continues..

Sharing…from the Circle of Light – 9-22-12 “The Holy Commencement into the Golden Age, the Final Procession”.
….. Know that each of you are taken care of and moving into the bounty of thy Father. You can never be in the way of any harm. We say, stand into your Pillars of Light, be the Light for others. Be a voice. Be of Truth. Be conscious of your words, your thoughts and your expression, Mighty Masters, only say what is true for you. Remember whether it be in joke, or in haste, or unconscious aspects. It is time for each of you to move into Mastery of Being, move from the unconscious state of repeating the words and the patterns that no longer serve any one being. Elevate yourself into the highest aspects that you can attain. Decree to yourself. Use the Mighty I AM Decrees. Given to you by the Masters of Light. Given to you by the Holy Realm. Given to you by your Higher Selves, by your own I AM presences. Take command and control of thy Holy Vehicle, of the Holy Self. Command, Decree and Be. For it is in this space that you align with the will of the Divine. It is in this space, Dearest Ones, that you merge with your Glorious God Self. That you merge into unity with all. And that you stand righteous, your stand impeccable, you stand in wholeness.

Take the time to breathe, to speak words of love, to emanate the Light of thy Father, the Light of thy God, the Light of your individual spark stream of your I AM Presence. It is in this space of power, claim your tri-fold flame component of power. Balance with that of Love and Wisdom, overlaid by the Light of Truth. All that you need, desire and seek is within you, Dear Ones. As this one was reading last night about a Hindu saying, ‘If man wanted to hide God, it would be within himself, for that’s not the place he would look for God.’ How true this is. For the mortal being now turns immortal. The mortal being now unfolds. Your DNA, your Light Codes, your Transmission of Light, your Sacred Geometries, your individual language of Light, your individual universes, your pyramid cap, your pineal glands, your seat of your Soul, your Holy Connections, your Galactic Causeways are all being enhanced.

……The music of this sphere is playing and will be added with the harmonics of the gong from the ‘John of God’ group. Always sounding with the sound of purity and Holy Harmony. The sound of decreeing the Truth of God that unlocks resonance codes within the earth and within your physical biology and chemistry………

Energies rise up through the pyramids, through your feet, your Holy connection to Gaia as you commune and share in this Holy Commencement of Joy and Love. Of the commencement and to the progression and procession to the end of days of Earth and her Darkness and moving into the grand and glorious days of what is known as the New Jerusalem on earth. The head of the Dove continues to be ignited. The Heart of the Dove ignited. The wings spread out today. Ignited and illuminated with thy Holy energies…….

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