Inner Guidance

Go within. Always. Breath deeply. Tune into the senses of the body, of the heart, of the life energy. Tune OUT of the brain and rationale limited programs.
Our feeling nature is evolving and is of increasing intelligence of the nature of all living things.

postThe brain…full of thoughts created within a limited range of understanding, where our “heart brain” our higher senses tune into unlimited natural creation rhythms that supersede the physical brain.

Feeling. Practicing just feeling whether a thought, an activity, a place, etc brings to your body, your senses feelings that are “good”, easy, peaceful, supportive OR if feelings of the body are of “no”, heavy, depleting.

Sourcing, contemplating, discerning why the

feeling is felt by going within, past the superficial judgements and likes, to see what leads to greater insight that supports your growth as a human being.

We are equipped with senses and processes to expand and elevate our way of being, of living. Taking note, being aware, observant and feel and sense our environment, our body and going within to stillness regularly open us up to greater inward Divine direction. And if not already consciously participating with Ascension, then these practices can be that which changes that positively, forever.

We are amazing beings evolving and transforming into higher vibrations which effect our bodies, our ability to experience more of Gods Kingdoms and to participate and positively govern with greater knowing our bodies, our way of living, our global and cosmic community. All expands into more.

That which we go off planet to seek can not be seen for it is vibratory. We must rise in frequency and consciousness to experience and see the dimensions, the life expressed in greater form.

Just going within to regularly manage the thoughts, to find stillness, to perform self inquiry on programs in the brain, the beliefs, the “stories”.

ASK God your GodSelf for help, insight opens doors always. For we are loved beyond our understanding.

FEEL. Feel your way forward. Find, tune into that which supports you and ALL life to be self governing, compassionate, loving, accountability, responsible, balanced, unified.

Go within. Tune into the Heart and God GPS.

We are God. We are Sovereign. We are Free.

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