Junk DNA – No such thing

There is NO SUCH THING as Junk DNA.
We are in the time of beginning to activate that which has been waiting for the codes, the right moments, the appropriate dnalinkstime to ignite.
Like Seeds planted knowing just when to sprout getting nourishment from water and the sun, so are we.

Divine Humans emerging now. Divine DNA coding comes alive as the process of ascension, increase in vibration effecting all of our energetic bodies not so readily known or acknowledged, embodiment of soul, expansion of consciousness, reviewing and balancing, healing negative experiences, behaviors, release from programming – mind control, increased awareness of life and choices and interaction with environment. A process. Not overnight.

By Divine Design.
In waves and stages.
Happening at all levels and all kingdoms.

Participation greatly changes the interactive process, removes many fears and “unknowns” and empowers self to Rise to the Divine occasion taking ownership and deeper embodiment of the process.

Inquire within.

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