Kaleidoscope energies pour in!

Spectrums of Light pour in. Kaleidoscope energies open another Doorway of implantation this evening. Work continues to bring Living Light back to this planet to unveil that which is still completely unseen by humanity. New Ascension plan is in effect. Upgrades and connections to our Hosting Teams are readily at work. Blessed we are Beloveds as we are receiving assistance for restoration and reconnection to Living Light, that which Gaia is unable to give. Many illusions here and much is still false of false Light teachings.

Connect within and ask to be removed from false teachings and programs and clear and remove. Ask, to be connect to the Krystal energies and template. Connect to your core and pillar of Light and put your intention, connection to God Source and through NO OTHER by energy or name, but by GOD/CREATOR/SOURCE only. Refeel what this brings. Share with others these new paths.

A Krystal Kaleidoscope of plasmic light mirrored architecture is emerging into

physical quantification

s of color that project entirely new spectrums of light, frequency and time code. (What this means is that the particle wave manifestation of new color spectrums on planet is being observed, as well as the source code of its emanation generating from the Krystal Kaleidoscope from the Aurora time continuum.)

These reflective bands of coded plasmic light are being woven into sequential circuits into certain geographic areas of the planet. One purpose is to build multiple access points in our earth timelines that may potentially resonate in “reflectional symmetry” with the upcoming convergence happening in the Trans-time continuum. The Krystal Kaleidoscope is being described as such because this architecture operates similarly as to what we can understand from our human perspective as when looking into a kaleidoscope.

A Kaleidoscope operates on the principle of multiple reflections, where several mirrors are placed at an angle of degree to one another. Typically there are three rectangular mirrors set at 60° to each other so that they form an equilateral triangle. The 60° angle creates several duplicate images of the objects, five at 60°, and 2 at 90°. As the tube is rotated, the tumbling of the colored objects presents varying colors and configurations in a beautiful symmetrical pattern created by the reflections.

from energeticsynthesis.com


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