Law of giving and receiving

And we receive what is given. Universal Law. It is a reciprocal natural flow. Applies to all.

Life experience reflects this on multiple levels. Some immediate, some from ancestral, some unconscious lending us to go deep to our core self to uncover that which requires balance, forgiveness, love.12321516_10209380915788768_1558843924892859844_n

For when we are in awareness of our heart and mind and body workings at the unseen level, we then understand why “bad things happen to good people”. We see what is not obvious and is built by beliefs that where never true, by what our families carried in their genes, what went into our subconscious that never got our say if it was okay, good, agreed to. There are many other unseen factors that are coming into view, light, awareness.
The Natural Law is perfect for it is meant to flow with love and selflessness and is unending in sustenance for our life force.

Seeking, discovering, finding and resolving the unseen into life affirming agreement, intentions, actions brings to revealment the power of good this Law really is. If out of balance with self, with life, repeats of same are given, lessons to be had and learned from. Self awareness and actualization into working with the Universal Laws in harmony and to fullness.
What we give in intent, emotion, will, thought, action is ALWAYS returned in same whether immediate or later.

One of the harder lessons for it takes consistent work, vulnerability, courage and gentleness, discipline, non attachment and non judgment with self and all to break down the falsehood constructs that shutdown this process into limits feeling there is no such law…but there is. And is is Divine and perfect and no matter where one is in the life journey, we can take steps to change our experience to flow love. Love works at the base of this Law. Give love receive love. Give = giving things, giving emotion, giving of self, giving sharing of self is always returned when giving in purity.

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