Let go and walk into the “unknown”

Walk into the Light of the unknown…for it is known in your soul the Light that awaits you and will expand you to more than you could imagine! Follow me, I will lead the way……


There is truly nothing Unknown…..just not realized by our physical selves in this universal plane of existence.  Leave the fears and falsehoods behind!  Have faith.  Move forward into love, into the Light of a new Day.  Trust your heart, and do not lets the fears and headchatter keep you in a constant space of suffering, of fear, of limits, of can’t, won’t and don’t.

I have done it.  You can too!  Stepping out of our fears, out of our own judgements is freeing.  We find when we give ourselves the freedom to move forward, to take a more self loving approach, the fears DO dissolve.  They are only “mind walls” that are not real.

You can do it!  I know you can!  I did. I move out of my self doubt and limiting thoughts of myself and others and stepped out of my own fears to feel greater love and peace in aligning with my heart and evidencing what I believe.  Walk though your fear into to freedom of being that is on the other side.


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