Letting go….

Courage. Choice. Love of Self and Love of All. The processing of letting go of self dis-service (thoughts, beliefs, things, activities, relationships) by natural divine law, opens space for More that is in ones higher Self path. To make these choices based upon self love and honor of all life, reattunement to our heart path, our sacred purpose appears.

Many times we remain in situations, jobs, relationships, activities, processes because of….many reasons – complacency, thinking little of ourselves and there is nothing “better” for me. Or afraid of getting/receiving/experiencing “something worse”. Fear. Inability to see beyond the moment of discontent to KNOW there is ALWAYS more for us in a supportive, expanding way IF we can ALLOW it to reveal itself without HAVING to SEE it.

This is the Higher Path of Soul/Monad/Avatar of ones inner core awaiting to be acknowledged, revealed and honored. It is quiet and subtle at first, but cutting away ties, chains, cords of emotional, mental or physical attachments FREEs self and it a personal loving and courageous act. This brings more self empowerment, lesson, knowing and ones personal next step in personal positive growth.

NEVER allow self to be13006679_10209492456217209_8928028353202262453_n miserable, abused or

tormented. Find the p

ath to alleviate. To change, upshift, upgrade. Move away from. Discipline self of thoughts, behaviors, unconscious response

s. Find the triggers. Look to SELF and no one. For we make the choice of what we “live” with, eat, participate in, interact with, involve or engage in, watch, read, listen to, etc.
Give your belief and choice power to NO ONE. YOU are your own highest authority. Educate, expand, love, nurture your own SELF with appropriate support, tools, processes, ac

tivities, surroundings, interactions, relationships. ENDURE nothing. “Put up with” nothing.

LOVE self and that which is yours to experience with love, understanding, forgiveness. The choice to see “what is” and to choose what is fulfulling, supportive, expanding for you. Let no one tell you, choose for you, decide.
From birth we are told, groomed to be in a religion, belief system, program, schooling, society patterning and NONE of this is OUR choice. Our choice is allowing us to choose for self, see, experience, but no one is to PLAN our life by good or bad intention.

Love self.

Courage, trust in you. Love Self. As you do this, connection to heart, connection to Source naturally moves in greater ways to evidence the Divine perfect path for you.

For there is love and more love and more love from Source for All. Open the doors. Clean the inner and outer house for allowing that to reside within and without.

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