Light brings enlightenment, form and formless

Light brings enlightenment, always.

 Science Article -matter-will-be-created-from-light-within-a-year-claim-scientists

From this link and article the following inspiration and understanding came forth to share =

lightcreationThe Human already does this in every moment. We ARE the living example of Matter from Light! God/Source/Creator is LIGHT. ALL is Light, frequency, sound, harmonics. God Science is our ability to do so with word, thought, in every moment. As we evolve, ascend and move into more harmonic vibrations, levels of more God Virtues and balance of our own bodies, energies, light, we will are are creating more harmonious experiences. We are in the densest experience of Formless (light) into matter on this earth plane in 3D. And within that that is the experience of extreme polarity increasing the intensity and wide range of experience.  We exist as both atomic and subatomic particles for our bodies…energy bodies not seen with human eye, exist around our physical body and in those places of Light are our instructions for the coding that appears in the physical, mental and emotional bodies. Not new news, yet not understood, believed, acknowledged or utilized by most of humanity. Hence the belief of “things happen TO me”  because of the lack of knowledge, teaching, instruction and maintenance of these energetic fields which are the property and right of every human to know and have.

Within our own inner being, our consciousness, the quiet place within, we nurture, we listen, we feel with heart and knowing, to further our own “experience” of our Self into form. Within this, we grow, expand, ascend, evolve into greater choices leading us to more balance, more harmonious living, more opportunities to release attachment and rigid beliefs, discovering our inner ability to create instead of the falsehood constantly implanted and “told” to us that the outside is our “control” when in truth, we, with word, thought, belief, action, ARE creators and expand, rise into higher frequencies of bodies, giving way to more understanding of life, more awareness of the bigger picture, more sentient and loving ways of being to flow WITH life, to encourage Life and respect of it in ALL things, for ALL is alive, all is LIGHT, all is consciousness is form. Many levels of this is being experienced now.

Our opportunity is is this KNOWING and EXAMPLING that we are Light, we are living and choosing, and creating our experience, individually and collectively. Hence the wide range of beliefs and experiences upon our planet. Much is in places of False control and extreme polarity bring forth ego, forcing, separation, competition, divide and conquer, lack, fear, materialism, denial and hide, illness, etc. Yes, these are real experiences that are in the mass consciousness and architecture of the earth body.

No matter, what the MASS is, even if it is in low vibration and the majority of the experience and predominate, it is NOT mean it is the CHOICE of ALL. Look around you, me, we see people and groups coming together of more openness in thought and creativity and solutions. We see people being more conscious of their words, responsible for their actions, for healthy food choices…we also see the results of this. And we find their is a space of inner connectedness of knowing, of that which brings one to greater…say inner peace, inner guidance that leads to more Right action, right word, right thought.

This is a path of increased intelligent Light, of vibration that by our upgraded choices, we experience upgraded living experience. Positive improvement in the control of the experience. Balancing and gaining well being is not possible in the 3d vibration, it must come from WITHIN the consciousness of the Body of the human to shift the vibration of experience from that place, and live within it, while still in a body walking 3d. The body upgrades too into these higher vibrations, a most difficult and enduring self loving process as some may resonate with these words.

Humanity has this experience before them now at every moment….realizing it or not. Light is what we and ALL things are in various forms and frequencies. All begins as this… Light is that from Source, in variable frequencies with endless purposes. Call upon the Highest Source Light for yourself in every moment. Take this practice in simplicity if not understood or experience before.

Take a daily practice for 30 days calling upon this multiple times in your day. change Nothing of the words. Just simply with open heart and intent for that which serves all life by these words, I choose and call forth from The Highest Loving Source, Light for my highest purpose and all life in this moment.
Note the experiences upon the way. Note the vast increase in awareness and feeling of the living experience and perhaps, even things that can not be put into…words, just positive feelings within the mind and body. Note that which is seen to be good within the living experience of 30 days of calling forth Creator Light to enLighten you.

Blessings of Light to All.

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