Light Gathering

10622909_10152754991877764_2470436305087183602_nTomorrow! 3PM CDT. Without fail, we have the Masters Retreat of Rainbow Light, opening the realms for love connection. Tune in. A path of ascension and awakening. All roads lead to YOU to be your I AM presence. Love reigns. The codes, the discourse, the re-minders bring forth that which awakens the I AM presence within for re-embodiment and service to ALL. Fruits are falling from the Oneness Tree bearing evidence of such. Inner work and Creator first reap the efforts given. Stray away and distractions take one easily to illusion and the longer path. All are honored, yet the CALL IS NOW for Coming Home to the ONE TEAM OF LIGHT! The LIGHT ALWAYS PREVAILS. Clear, transparent, purposeful, all encompassing. Ascended Ones in Light Bodies and physical lead the way. Blessed Be.

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