Living the Law of Love

Our innate personal connection to God Source is the reemergence of Truth and the dismantling of religion and outside structures. When we live and expand into the highest Truest Self we are to be, we live as honor to that which is Life and life giving.

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service always and worship is the means of living in a harmonious sacred, respectful, responsible, collaborative, joyous, growing, bountiful, loving way. Living the Law of One.

Living the Law of Love. Spirituality is the encompassment and realization of our Oneness with All things. Gone will be the false intermediaries and gurus and preachers and a return to self realization of our inherent Divinity.

No one will not KNOW God for themselves and not of books or pulpit, but of conscious awareness and remembrance. All Equal. Connection is within and known, felt, remembered and demonstrated by our actions, our highest virtues, our respect and honor of ALL life.

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