Lightworkers Sanctuary

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7336 Main Street
The Colony

United States

We,  myself, Christiane Gamble and Zedrouh Reich, are discovering and cultivating of our holy connection of Light beyond this dimension. 

As we uncover our higher aspects, our gifts, our abilities, we discover, remember, express our expansion as humans on the path of ascension.  We share energies that help you to awaken to the truth of who you are.  It is a space of profound love and expansion.  It is a space of communication and connection with Higher Energies and Higher Vibrational Beings of Light.

We are lovingly called “The Daughters of The Light” by our guiding ones.  We come together in holy union to create a sacred space of the specific geometrics and frequency of energetic interdimensional form to create a Pyramid of Light. 

Within this Pyramid of Light the human self is seen and felt in exponential ways and love is elevated to such levels that you can experience your Holy Self, you Light body, your expanded Soul Self.  In this pure and perfect space experience all aspects of you coming together to know your Divinity and the perfection that is you.   

As a Trinity of Energies in physical form, each of us work in realms of quantum energies that are streaming into the planet, creating our New Earth.  Each of us bringing in various forms of Light and energies with multiple honored names, frequencies, purposes and intensities. 

This is a perfect space to discover your higher aspects, your true purpose, origin and path to inner knowingness.

There is nothing you need do, but come, sit and enjoy the harmonics, the frequencies of love and light and move into your deepest and highest spaces of inner peace and joy.

This is a free, loving and open space and is not associated with any religion or other wise.  This is a personal spiritual journey that at the core of each of us connects us to our One Heart, One Mind, One Creator or all.  Oneness abounds.

All are welcomed!

$25 energetic exchange.

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