Look under the hood

Be bold to inquire within. An encounter with a person last week left me in quandary as they feared and did not want to meditate. They thought of it is bad, taught not to do, “not go there” and stay on the outside of Self.

12241213_10208289491503843_901067191024418262_nIt is like having a car and told don’t ever look under the hood. Do not educate your own self as to how it works, moves, and lives. This should say something if this is discouraged or an inner fear or belief. CLEAR IT NOW!

That very teaching is one of Darkness to keep our own being from going to our own inner workings, connections, control panel so one does not gain the inner knowledge, the wisdom and true love of the Divine Self.

Let no one or thought or teaching or other false barrier keep you from that which is YOU and your Divine Connection to Source.

Nurture it. Observe thoughts. Get past the “noise” for there is a space that moves into background and connection to Heart Consciousness reveals itself.

ALL are Divine. All are of Lineage to the One Source. Go within. Inquire and be welcomed back to this Divine pathway.

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