Lose your mind to regain your Divine Connection

much deeper than this….but yes. Mental and emotional bodies must be managed, consciously and with great consistent effort. Mental programs, thoughts that are not our own, negative thought p10423916_10206699003222630_2705951794360823441_nrojections, inorganic structures, false truths repeatedly told “to us” as truth but not and VERY limiting, are ours to discern, clean up, upgrade and from that find that we HAVE the ability, the inherent right and NATURE to be free in mind, heart, soul, body.

The Heart, the higher heart, the Core Creator Consciousness Connection is within EACH and VERY person. Because of the lack of our awareness or truth information given to us in the earthly plane, work and the ability to question everything is a process that helps to reveal that which holds purity, light, heart consciousness. A feeling, a knowing, an appropriateness of “right action” and “right thought” that binds ALL together as a living process and honoring each piece as sacred.

Heart Consciousness, Awareness of the Divinity we are, the spark that ignites, that is fueled by our participation of seeking purity, peace, truth, love, equality within and for all.

What we each do effects another. Not just in the physical but in the sub atomic states of matter and non physical matter. Science, Creator constructs is this and more. These are universal laws that man, human must regain by gaining inner wisdom through the heart and cells over outside theory, limited knowledge book bases of opinion and conjecture. It is a journey in consciousness experience. It is a reality of higher order, structure, law and natural. All things abide to these laws.

Our Earthly plane has been “out of balance” and ” out of these laws” to the point that man, can not see or hear truth even in given in clear language or heart language due to the impurities, blocks, fears, distractions, obstacles from the outside senses.
That is why you hear over and over and over, go within. Meditate. Find quiet space. Work to find that which is covered up by all the “noise” and busy head and mental programs, to find the SEED core of the DIVINE that we EACH ARE.

Release the mental, the analytical, the book learning per se and sit with, breath with your inner light, your inner sanctum of the Most High. Nothing on the outer brings what the true Consciousness Core Creator Connection will. Lose your mind and find your heart. Find Creator. Lose Religion and Dogma. Lose being “told” how life is or isn’t. Not airy. Not bliss. Not bought and sold. Not a modality. Not unclear.
Creator connection is balanced, pure, fulfilling, peaceful, harmonizing and self evident in the body of the person by action, thought, word, expression, nature. There is no payoff or price attached to that which is spoken, there is no book or Marketing attached to truth and the sharing of it. Integrity has yet to a vibration on this planet than a human can see much less embody.

The house, the mind, the body, the soul, the energetic fields require great levels of inner work, self inquiry, cleansing, management, choice, attention, resolve, reflection, self correction.

The brain, the mind, the body, the heart requires a review of that which is not organic within it. That which is implanted, projected, foreign, false, by vibration, by energetic rearrangment that the path of energy can not recognize as it is UNNATURAL.

Our world is full of waves of frequencies from multiple sources that are harmful, inorganic and much with the purpose to keep humanity from finding and sourcing the True Nature of the Divine Self with the ability to heal, harmonize, expand in universal connection, wisdom and knowing. Not sold in stores. Only found within. Seek and the door shall be opened.

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