Love and Truth

Truth comes in as truth.  Our human perspective and understanding of love will let us know if we are seeing from the God eyes of Love or seeing from the human eyes of fear.

Fear can come in when we are in lower vibrations, or in ego, out of integrity, or judge that what may be if it does not “feel good”.

Dear Ones, if we told you of the aches and pains of ascension at the beginning of you being “human” and not Divine, you would not have perceived it as “love”.  Ascension is quite the task.  By human viewpoint and polarity judgment it is hard, difficult, painful, emotional, and brings up fears, heartaches, imbalances and more right into your moment.  Yet it is all done in love and for the greatest love and for a return to love.  All love brings change and change for those that are comfortable in one space, may not be viewed as love.

Love is every emotion, every feeling, every perspective.  Truly love is all things but for the human experiencing third dimension to its fullest, it is still a polarity and duality viewpoint and point of judgment and feeling.

In expanded spaces there are places of change and experience of many other feelings, conditions, of which, by your view in 3rd may be fearful, unkind or unsettling…yet it is love.

Right now for those still in “darkness” and not choosing  – this path is fear.

Love is love is love is love and the human knows only love as the opposite of what does not feel good….but love is more than that.

Know when we speak of earth changes it is in the highest of love and never fear….and this is where the divide lies once again with love and fear for the perspective of the hu-man.  All that happens, when planets are created and recreated, ascend and expand, changes occur and they are planned and done in the greatest of love.  This is so for Earth and all welcome this grand event with love, grace and ease.

We are the Galactic Federation of Light and The One

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