Love is the Key for 2 0 1 3

new year 222Release yourSelf from any chains that bind. Any thoughts, acts, beliefs, deeds, people or fears that keep your prisoner from experiencing pure love. One that speaks for itself without words. No apologies, no strings, no projections, no excuses, no deals or trades, no expectations. Love is love is love.

Loving your Self is the key to expansion of Consciousness. It is the the Key of Ascension. To love one’s own self without the need of another outside…then, loving one’s Self is loving All. For as we love and honor ourSelf, we love and honor our Creator. That is the path to freedom of Being and a return to our Divinity. 2013 is the return of Sovereignty of Being. Love Self. Love One another. Love All.
Blessings of love for a New Year, New Age, New Consciousness, New Everything!

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