Love letting go

Whatever is not in resonance, must go, transcend, balance, integrate, heal, forgive, release, own, love, understand, witness. This process is endless seems we know, in this vast process of heart awakening, soul purpose, ascension. Yet, be mindful, loving of Self, and be VERY aware of the first level of heart awakening that continues to occur for many, as this is the first layer out of the finite self of ego and FEELS so good, so LOVING, so much relief, and that 12644637_10208780096568663_4166043780706680109_nthis is IT, ascension, heart knowing, etc. It is only ONE step of many and a BEGINNING, it is NOT the LOVE and LIGHT and we all just lovey dovey each other…that is OUT OF BALANCE and only a piece of the path of learning and awakening to our grander pieces of self that begin to open up to us. Awareness is this, being aware, seeing, discerning, gaining greater experience, truth and lesson.

There is much inner work to do and the self tends to get stuck in this Bliss layer, “kum by ya place” where all loves each other and compliments each other over and over…there can be false here for if in lower astral heart…. STILL FALSE and ego driven and out of balance.  We are not knowing love!  Love IS the healer, but when one is awakening out of darkness and begins to feel love in the heart, it is of great relief.  Many get “stuck” here because it feels SOOO good because of the contrast and now the access to heart is open.  However, this is just the beginning, for now that one feels, much requires attention. And we heal through feeling.

The work is deep, hard, and must be felt. The pain body is that which is usually avoided at these stages….no judgment…this is just how it is done, how it works, how one evolves, grows, learns, remembers and acclimates to increasing levels of consciousness, intelligence of the Self. Grand vast beautiful beings you are. Love self, but there is more and MANY openings and phases of heart awareness.

The higher heart, which is the 8th chakra in the Monadic chakra triad intelligence is where a VAST heart initiation occurs and further activates down to the 4th astral heart chakra. Just a piece here, but sharing that which we hope opens eyes for we need to help each other in greater understanding of the processes so we can overcome that which can keep us stuck and out of our highest potentials. Be bold. Be courageous. If in the Love and Light bliss state, ask Self to show the way out to balance, to continue to the next steps, FEARLESSLY. For there is more…and then more and then more. Divine Humans unfold.

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