Love vibration

Love, not a whimsical love, not an ooey gooey love, not love that has dependency, conditions or bias, but a love that is based in pure Source vibration. Love of this vibration, without t12208669_10208284192971383_5931316014287004755_naintedness, one with all, one that is given freely, shared freely, naturally emanating from the One Self of the One Heart within. This love must be freed and uncovered from within us. We are made of this. It is precious and pure and perfect…and this is our CORE organic structure.

Layers of mistruths, projections, rigid thinking, false illusions, fragmented aspects of us, emotional imbalance, inner wounds and scars, and more contribute to false covering up, distorting and given one the incorrect experience of True Father, True Mother Creator Love.

It is sweet, forgiving, soft, kind, understanding, natural, non bias, not judgmental. It flows without expectation of anything, without expectation of return, without counting how much given expecting the same or more to be returned. Love knows it is all and it is self sustaining from the endless well of Source. The natural law of this frequency is perpetual flow, nourishment, growth, sustenance and endless perfection and harmony. It heals. It restores. It is quiet, peaceful, balanced.

Sometimes it will not be recognized as love, for it is forgiving, it is acceptance, it is compassion, it is truth where many times these virtues can not be employed. Love supersedes and does not define, separate, calculate, mislead, or choose anything over another.

This is the Law of One, The Law of Love that is returning to our planetary body and to our plane, our consciousness, our hearts to access. A time now and ongoing where we have the ability, the self authority, the power, the willingness, the option, the potential to participate with the Divine Unfoldment of human evolution, Ascension – a path and return to Love, to embodiment of higher states of consciousness, of being, of living, of expressing this Divine Nature of all em compassing.

We are a magnificent work in transformation of reality, of experience, of consciousness, of growth, of biology, of science, of chemistry, of cosmology, of ALL Things. A process that supersedes the greatest minds, teachers, scientists. A process, that will over a gradual and lengthy period of time, raise our souls, our environment, our hearts with our participation and increasing consciousness, involvement, healing, reclamation of our sovereignty and ability to see more, provide solutions, value all life…. to experience more fully and embody our God State. This time is now. This is the Act and Law and Expression of the Law of One, The Law of Love, the Act of the Divine Nature of Source.

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