Masters of Co-Creation Innvoation

Sharing wonderful invocation that can be said at anytime, and encouraged to use daily and on Wednesday, day of the Full Moon. As we approached Cosmic Alignment, vibes rise and rise, our interdimensional selves/cells are being attuned. Mother Earth, shivers and shakes in grand joy and release of the lower vibes. Our hearts open further, our awareness grows, our I AM presences awaiting our calling and surrender to Divine Will. Conscious of our intentions, our words, our thoughts and the holiness shines forth….we are Co-creators of form, or matter, or energy.

This is the New Reality. The Real Reality that is emerging from within and the microcosms that we are will once again merge with the macrocosm as we remove ourself from duality, ego and illusion. Join together in love, in harmony, in visioning peace for all. Tune into the Unity Grid of Consciousness, the Love Grid the supersedes our old 3D Magnetic framework of lesson.
Be Free. Be rebirthed. Be Love in Action!


We call forth the Councils of Light,
From Shamballa, to share their might.
Blaze the flames of Love, Wisdom and Power,
Increasing in strength with every hour.

Let this Light flood our being,
So through God’s Grace we can redeem.
Awaken our Three-fold flame within,
Our time as Masters can now begin!

By and through the Sacred Fire,
We magnetize our every desire.
From the centerpoint of knowing God,
We wield the mighty platinum rod.

Great Devic builders of Natures forms,
Assist us now to calm the storms!
Work with us in perfect flow,
As co-creators who always know.

We are masters of the Unified Field,
Transmitting all that we have healed.
May we drop our notions of linear time,
And realize the truth of the Life Divine!

From the core of our beloved Sun,
We call forth the light of the Infinite One.
This outer sun also flames in our heart,
Increasing the Love we can impart.

May every power that we possess,
Come forth in perfection and manifest.
Our will aligned with God’s Great Plan,
Universal Law is now ours to command.

We are now Masters of Co-creation,
Assisting the New Earth transformation.
By and through the Law of One,
As God’s Wills it, it shall be done!


Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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