Meditation for what?

meidtation aA busy world of do,do, do and technology and outside stimuli is only the result of that which we either nurture within or neglect.  Go within your own Being. It is your right to go into your own operating center and Source to find that which is truth.

Cultivating this place of peace, knowningness, serenity, recharge is primary.  If new at this, be ever vigilant in the effort to go beyond the noise, chatter, programs as they WILL become faint and non disturbing.   The Voice of the Heart is soft, wise, loving, support.  It guides.  It encourages.  It is compassion in and of itself.  Take Heart we say!  Listening to your heart consistently will lead you away from the falsehoods and distractions.  The loving heart will soften your path and simplify your way of living.

Meditation connects you to a space of inner most knowing and this path, as worked and lived on the outside of the consciousness space is part of our Ascension.  As we ascend, we become the heart ourself, our higher loving aspect.  A process of natural origin requiring human will intent to reap the ultimate benefits.

The Ultimate Benefit realized, mediation actualized.  We become this connection of higher light intelligence. Our expanded self in a body.  Life flows into a living meditation of peace, love, unity, joy, sharing, creativity and boundless everything.

Free.  Available at any point of choice.  Never closed.  Always of purity awaiting your Divine Self.

Go within.

Know yourSelf.

It is the only place the TRUE YOU exists.

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