Moon Hangover

reneesnider.commoonhangoverWOW! Did you wake up with a MOON HANGOVER?!?!!?LOL!!~

We are IN IT TO WIN IT they say! Massive codes unleashed over these last days. All keys given. NOW we are invited to step through the doors, of love, of freedom, of sovereignty, of peace. The foundation, the templates for our next steps of I AM expansion are VERY SIGNIFICANT and profound. Leave the baggage and ties – the emotional and mental energy streams of need, desire and want and LET GO to the Divine Plan unfolding. NEW STAGES and NEW STAIRSTEPS are here NOW.

REST your body to assimilate ALL you can. Find pockets of time in your day to close your eyes, breath and be in receipt, centering your being. Finding peace…and NOTICE what there is to notice. Notice the peaceful loving feelings you can just sink into……don’t resist.

For the old ways can beg you to DO DO DO and look for accomplishment on the outside, when success is connecting to your Divine Heart Space and tuning into this magnificent Frequency of the ONE LOVE of Creator through us and as us. This is the way, the path to transcend that which is in front of your eyes which may be displeasing. We create from within and to create in love you must be in LOVE WITH YOU AND ALL. Find this space beautiful ones, for it is there, no one is denied ever!

You are Holy, sacred loving beings of living light. Validation is everywhere. Look within……connect to this vast growing network of consciousness superseding darkness, control, lack and illusion. There is plenty of everything good for all.

And so it is. The Light ALWAYS prevails.

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