Movement into next Density occurring

For the current Density shift now underway….some will not notice -those in the midst of third dimension program participation, and for others awakening out of the bindings and illusions, – false spiritual, controller, religions, money/slavery, fear, etc, it is as always, a sequential process…and intense now and in these hours as we go back within…to know..It is moving to the laws of the next densit941845_475642665885207_488005159_ny, that you must be reminded of, not intellectually but through the feeling nature of the body. the Law of Universal Laws, The Law of One, that our bodies and cells KNOW beyond limits of the mind, ego, etc.

TAKE HEART, look within. Align thoughts, actions, words and intentions with purity of love, respect and integrity. Of kindness, compassion and honor. LEAVE competition, fear based anything, religions, false hierarchies, make peace with self. Honor self. Honor All.

This is, although not shared in mass media for the very reason speaking upon…control, one of the most exulted days in our human history. It is a “marker”, as Earth begins to steady self into Density 2 – anchoring in a reality structure to support higher vibrations, life, consciousness. It is an INSIDE job to get there. Hence ALL the hype on wifi, cell phones, Artificial Intelligence, vaccines, legalize pot, fear hypes, false flags, pushing war, pushing any possible distraction for the VERY things that ALL humans have within them to find, seek and utilize, THEIR GOD CONNECTION.

No matter, the expansion takes place and it is over TIME, and humanity will find their way for it IS the Universal law. Whether now, or generations, we evolve out of the Dark Programs.

This is Science and Alchemy. This is a process to witness, not debate. This is for everyone participation, not criticism. This is everyone’s inherent free natural path and right to know Truth/Light/God/Love without the lower realms continuous cover up for eons of time.

The Light…ALWAYS sets one free. Yet, one must participate and be responsible and accountable.

That time is now and will continue….and so it is.

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