Step out of 3D and into your GodSelf

Hold onto a Higher Vision

Just a reminder to step out of ThreeD and claim your Higher God Self.  Look at the ways you may still be reinforcing the perimeters and constructs of a third dimension density of reality and belief. Do not be fooled by those things that bring joy in 3D  that are still very much reinforcing the very reality one wishes to move out of.

It can be quite the space within our human mind to navigate our way out of that human mind and into the expanded consciousness awaiting us.  Every action, every word, every energy moves us in and out of the quantum spaces…or not.

Joy in the expanded dimensions is a natural state of being, unlike in 3D reality,  it is an opposite and must be sought out.

Look outside of self to discern this and move into that state of heart of love, to feel how it is all the time in that space….   move into celebration of The One and outside of self to All.  This is the movement and action that brings in the I AM Avatar of Oneness.
As we move into the I AM we move to acknowledge all and not self, we celebrate the We, the One that is and then the joy is serving others which serves us in return…not the other way around.

Moving from human ways of viewing reality is not easy. It can be very profound, very difficult to move beyond the very framework of the tool we create with and move into a new operating system to access the heart and your Higher Self which is all “hooked up” and knowing and beyond.  It takes conscious effort to tip the scale on what feeds the human mind and ego.

My “I” can go in and out of this many times to realize that “I” have just validated the very thing or belief that I know is not the highest truth.

We are immortal Light beings who are preparing for mergence of Spirit into matter.  All words, actions, thoughts should begin to line up with this belief to foster it in, otherwise, 3D energy in the opposite direction continues to fortify the 3 d reality we so desire and deserve to move from.

Remember your immortality, your Divinity, your endless and boundless being of all that is.


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