Much to come in short order

Greetings Beloveds.  I am sharing this lovely message that came through last week when there was just two of us in an infrared room alone for a brief bit at the spa…and the ceiling there is full of beautiful colored lights and infrared rays……

These loving galactic beings, these Peacekeepers, came forth in love to share this message of insight and encouragement of what is happening and what is to come in short order.  SOON in our time!  Love to all!


Calling forth……Breathing in the energies

We say you call forth that which is already here, that which is already is a part of you that is already of knowing. That part of you that already has a voice and it is a discernment of whose voice and it is our voice, it is your voice, it is All voices.  We are All.  We are One.  Each of you are finding this out more and more.  There is no separation, it is labels, it’s names, it’s… “oh I have to create space for this”.  Space is already created, Dear Ones.  Where ever you are it IS!  Where ever you aren’t it IS!  There is no space where It is not.


We are the Galactic Ones. We are the Lighted Ones, we say.  We’re the ones of your hearts; we are the ones of the stars.  It is truth that the galactic channels continue to grow the emissions from Earth continue to pierce the reality of time and space and move out to places it has not reached in a long, long time.  There is a homing signal we would say that is being sent out.  It is kind of like what you know to be your pinging (of a computer).  You ping to see what comes back.  It is something of that nature but different but it is a resonance and a vibration that for the first time Earth is able to create, sustain AND have the ability to be sent and not bounced back.  Before….. because of the purpose and planetary mission of Earth signals didn’t go out per say.  Not this One.  This One says we are being reestablished as a planet of freedom and a planet of Light.  It is a signal of saying we are in metamorphosis, it’s a signal of saying we are now of Light.  We are now of Light.  Man must catch up with this resonance with this activity.  But none- the- less it is an eventuality we say.  And it is a grand and gloriously one.  It is an achievement, of which ALL should be very gloriously happy with, content with.   Of a joyous, an exuberant, feeling of accomplishment we would say.


It is quite the achievement for this dark, dark planet has now become Light once again.  It becomes the Garden of Eden.  We say, see it and visualize it for we see it already in multiple layers of reality.  It is just ready and waiting for you to realize and material and actualize.  For we see the energies already put out.  We see the templates and the Divine emanations and they are beautiful.   Not many planets in this sector or near Earth that are of anything as beautiful. It had always been a very diverse terrain planet as you know it to be.   Of multitude, of experiences for the senses you would say.  Not many could compare to the beauty and yet you have been on it as a planet of lesson.  And she is dead stopped in her tracks and turned around from the darkness and from the decay, that state of decay that Mother Gaia has been in and is now on the trail of re-jubilation and reformulation of the LIGHT.  Into beautiful formed landscapes of energy you would know it to be mountains, geology, and topography we would say.  As she continues to ascend and expand in her way, so do you Dear Humanity.

We are One of many in observation and of declaration of your good works.  Again, we are One of many and never separate.  We are Star Gatherers, Star Watchers, Star Keepers, Star Seeders, we are all these things.  We are friends. We are family.  And we are alike.  We are of many star origins.  Let’s say we are just wondering by!  Yet we are never far.  We are one of many ships stationed near by that help in the ongoing cleanup of the atmospheric conditions.  We also stand as guard.  We are PeaceKeepers as well and ensure that no harm comes to Earth in this great time of transition.   We are an outside guardian, we would say, of Earth until man resumes the appropriate realm as guardianship and guardian keepers of Mother Earth.  We are thankful to connect in this way.

Do know Dear Ones; there is no space for fear or doubt even though that is still part of your paradigm.  We can say from this place that we see you . . . that we speak to you from, Earth is lighting up. All is part of thy Father’s beautiful plan you have not seen or witnessed at your level.  Reality and what you have seen as your reality, has only been a reflection of consciousness of a space of learning environment.  It is like that Movie Theater you were just in.  That was a limited space and within that space the only reality would be what that movie is and then you open the door and EVERYTHING  is outside of it is not THAT.

We want you to know. We’d like to plant a simplistic idea in comparison.  That, that is what you are coming out of.  You are walking out of the movie theater into the Truth of all that really is.  And it is a grand beautiful scope of creative pallet of creation in the name of God’s love in the many forms and thoughts that one could ever possibly have.  So fear not in any area whether it be a pain in the butt or a pain in the foot or the bank account or bills or the haves and have not’s or all of the silly human things of who’s wearing what or what car is where or who’s got what TV or how far is something or how am I going to get there.  We say enjoy everything!  There is no lack in the Divine plan that is unfolding on the grand scheme of things.  What will ultimately end up as Earth is a free planet, in the short term there are many declarations that will be revealed and come forth for humanity.  As a natural part of the progression it is nothing foreign or unknown to us and it’s truly not unknown to either of you, yet it still barters with your levels of believability.

ab xAnd we say embrace the light.  Embrace all the good that God has coming for each or you.  Embrace. Emanate, ohm, breath, BE, declare, be of joy, be of love.  There is only one God and he is glorious! He is magnanimous. He is all things present ending and beginning, he is ALL now. And it is all love.  Love, bliss, nirvana, all those terms and words, peace, serenity, fellowship, community, connection, benevolency, beauty, God is the creator of beauty, in all facets and forms imaginable and all those YET to be imagined.

Live your days fully for you are moving past the thresholds and barriers of a life of a body that has a space of decay.  You are moving to a space of pure love. A space of immortality and remembrance of the glory of your God Selves.  We are Earth keepers and watchers. We are great protectors.  And we have watched and witnessed the Earth and the human walk this walk through eons of time and many conditions of civilizations, beliefs, technologies, weather, wars, famine, a variety of some of the lowest levels of consciousness and you have superseded them.  You are pulling yourselves out of the sand and your seed of life grows again.  We stand in honor and in love and share with you our view, our knowingness from our window as we are one from the stars, yet we’re one from your cells, we are you!  Dear Brothers, Dear Sisters, we are you!

Know that all is happening to further the Light on this planet and that anything that is not of loving thy Creator will dissipate very soon.   There is much to be done on this planet, to clean Gaia and bring her into alignment state of purity and beauty and to recreate and elevate the living circumstances and the patterns of creation.  All is a process, yet thresholds do come up, we confirm.  We see them, we are aware of them, and we’re here to help you through them.  Much comes fast in short order in your time.  All that is part of the grand cycles of all that is.  Beautiful, beautiful space that it is.

Blessings be to you on the Holy day we say…LOVE, LOVE, LOVE

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