Natural medicine and self support

A question already answered. Inquire within.

Natural is purposeful, useful, organic and interacts with the needs of the body. It is also from free resources. It can be easily available to all life. It is not patented per se, controlled or created for “death” purposes and with side effects a mile long that do more harm than good of the intended purpose.

Alternative as labeled, These tools assist, help to regulate, stimulate, heal and complement our body as supports and not for dependency. Essential oils, flower essences, herbs, homeopathics, blends, and natural therapies and processes and more are supports and help to bring the body, its systems, back into balance and homeostasis as opposed to covering up, or dealing with only symptomology.

Yes, some very potent and powerful and correcting for the body. Use with care, knowledge, understanding, information, and open awareness of seeing the results received. All used with specific purpose and durations for healing. All whether tincture or method or process or food choice change are all self governed. And with greater use of ones own body and inner feedback can further help and attune ones own pathways of true healing and communication with Self, the body for bringing one into wholeness.

For ascension awareness, an inner connection and use of supports is necessary for managing all that the bodies: the emotional body, the mental body, the physical body, the spiritual bodies are experiencing. Love Self in these ways. Proper and appropriate review of regulated “drugs” with a new eye can bring one into possible changes and upgrades to more natural supportive options for ones Self. Always follow INNER GUIDANCE first over any perceived outside authority. For we are our own Authority and can access within us guidance that is Divine, purposeful and truly has only our highest and best interest at heart. Not so much for many other money based, fear based systems and system supporters.

Love Self. Renew Self. Go within. Cultivate a process of stillness. Inquire within. Ask within from heart consciousness over the intellect. Tune into the higher guidance system. Practice. Cultivate. Quiet the mind. Seek to know the truth of you within. It is everyones right, ability, choice, and freedom. All begins within.


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