Natural State of Ascension Acceleration now

429410_10151177801914331_467317464_nLOTS of changes in the physical and in the non-physical of our very personal Selves.  Heads are foggy and floating.  Out of alignment things feels…as Gaia continually is rearranging and aligning (with Great JOY) with her new platform and octave.  The Sun sending always sending in massive amounts of energies with loving spectacular seeming random displays of brilliant bursts of Light, each with a special sacred Fire Code of Enlightenment for all.  Balance…difficult at best at this time as we are being taken apart, rewired, upgrade and there is no putting back…this is continual!  We are like learning how to tap dance, chew gum, sing opera, listen to mathematical problem solving, while keeping an eye on an illusionary solid object!  We are quite amazing!

It may feel like being dragged, pushed, nudged, encouraged….and our Souls are guiding us with open hearts.  We are the Ones, each of us, shifting with soul content, to merge our Souls into these bodies…while the body itself is shifting!  We ARE amazing!  The term Be Gentle with you self and everyone else is a daily mantra.  Let everything go that does not serve All.  We are truly becoming aware of our own feelings and that of others and merging all.  Water – drink all you can …and then more.  Remove as you are able, more and more fake and adulterated foods…eat live foods, organic, hearty and non GMO grains.  BLESS all foods, water, people, planet, EVERYTHING!  Don’t kill anything…even the spider that was just on my towel..was carried outside.  Regard and respect for ALL life is who we are.  Warring and killing will end.  It is no means to any resolution other than the lowest of fear based illusions.  It solves nothing and hurts all on this planet.  Peace is thforgivingeveryonee only solution.  Always has been.  Resistance to this can be no more.  Pride and ego are seen and the cure, the magic pill, the potion, love.  Forgiveness.   Love and Forgiveness.  Simple.  Yet the act of these two holy virtues on the key to everyones personal inner salvation and freedom.  Something we each must do for ourselves within and to those reflections of us  – people….our family….our brothers and sisters….which is every single being on this planet.  We are related by Divine Heritage and Design.  We each carry DNA of God and in our blood.

WAKE UP to another level of understanding.

The ego, tricky yet necessary and loved does not leave us until we truly are engulfed with the purity of God’s Love in all of our physical and energetic bodies.  That means, we become self sufficient and are the example.  By this, we walk our talk.  What we put into us…in all forms serves all and the highest good.  Healthy foods, words of truth, no drugs, chemicals or other egoic falsehood creations.  Do not get distracted with these…as these can truly be a part of that spiritual ego we must be aware of that was a part of the destruction of Atlantis. Our ego is still in stages of release and perceptions…each wanting to validate something in someone.  The truth needs not validation, love needs no validation.  It is self evident.  No name calling.  No surprises.  No judgments.  Only love and acceptance.  As the power creators we are, our power center is our Throat Chakra and what we speak comes into being.  We are still in schooling on this and will be for some time.  We must master our own heart fire, before we can master our Fire/Light body.

We are God free beings that as we expand, we easily supersede the need for anything and generate higher levels of consciousness that ring true of our Monadic Holy One Self of All.  Not dependent nor needing, nor choosing anything but Liquid Light of thy Creator.

It is a process.  Do not self judge others or your Self.  Step by step.  Awareness by Awareness.  Honor you, Honor All.  We each at different levels and stages and all is in what appears to be a crazy mess of beliefs, needs, hurts, pains, mis-truths, control and chaos.  And it is.  Final remnants of denseness comes forth into the Light. And more to come …and then even more.  It will all spill forth and then all will fill with truth and love.

As grander levels of Light stream in, more awaken.  Change is at hand.  Positive and appropriate change is happening.  Media reports it much differently…until it receives the Light as well. Faith.  Trust.  Inner connection cultivation to truth are all mandatory tools for us humans as we move more into the realms of our Divinity.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.  Our inner urges reflect our awakening higher heart – where the Love of our308459_10151027921899103_1120254483_n Creator/God/Universe/ChristSelf is.  We are a natural state of ascension acceleration as Decreed by God.  Everything you need you already have within and need nothing outside of yourself.  Yet, we are human!  And still need reflection, guidance, reading, tools, modalities, conversation, contemplation, stillness, meditation, activities, rituals, etc……until we don’t.  ALWAYS filter and review everything outside of you with your inner self in your higher heart, with your connection to your intuition, your higher self, your Soul, your guides as you expand your connections to your connections in knowing.  Each are reminders, reflections, teachings that are grandly purposeful…yet they all lead us to go within.

You are a beautiful and perfect being.  The illusions anything less than this are falling away, or becoming larger to be seen and be healed.  These are processes of belief that will challenge you until you know in your own heart that God is Alive and Well in the NOW of our existence.  He/She is returning us to our knowing of this now.  We come out of darkness of an illusion. It is an exciting time as we are being released from controls and boundaries that have kept us in submission to a larger few.

Do your inner work.  Each one must go within.  Find the stillness there after the ramblings of the brain chatter.  See it.  Ask for it.  Call to God and his endless team of benevlotent loving Angels and Teams of Light.MetatronLight  The Law is…you call, they come.  Whether at first you are aware or not, they ARE there in full loving form and radiate the myriad of loving energies upon you.  Yet, you must be the one, with the free will and choice to ask, to choose, to act upon these things to deepen your awareness and experience.  Conscious awareness and participation open up more levels of your personal expansion.

Keep in the energy and emotion of love, of truth, of peace, of forgiveness and understanding and your knowningness will emerge from a place that is profound yet truth for you.  It is happening now.  One being at a time.  We are blessed.  Gratitude.  Gratitude.  Gratitude.

Love be to each of you holy ones.

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