New Age Jabber, Gimmicks, Ascension, Love and Healing! WHEW!

I am compelled and guided from within to share from my heart, my brain and my connection to that which is beyond the physical after reading several articles and blogs.

As I have always loved to say in this way –  It is about living and loving from your heart!

It is about Higher Heart Living.

There is some confusion and discordance appearing in all realms, whether political, financial, media, sports, families and the spiritual and religious communities.

Many are seeking to define, undefine, redefine or just plain speak around the obvious.  Truth and love are emerging everywhere.  Kinda simple from this view.  Others not so much.  Either is right and perfect cause where your view is your lesson and path.

Some people are experiencing magnificent feelings and revelations and energy or abilities, yet many referred to as gifts.  These things may seem like gifts because we have been denied for so long that which has already existed within us or been achieved in times that existed before that which we are now in.  That is wholeness and perfection is our innate and truest self.  As we become aware and further align and expand into what has not been previously available to us as a humanity, we attempt to label it, package it, dissect it, or lump it together and say we don’t know what it is, but it is good, or we can acknowledge that we know only what we know until we see and know that which is known innately by All.  These are our abilities as we expand as humans.

I AM.  You are.

I am here to help others.  I am here and have known my purpose always – from childhood on…..  I remembered my innate aspects of love and honor of all.  I remembered then that we are all connected on all levels.  I remembered that we are boundless, infinite and immortal at the soul level.  And now, I am remembering and knowing more, feeling more, and expanding into more of what the greatest teachers of our planet, those we know and name, those we honor, those not of religion per se, but of holy love and connection to all, that we are as them.  We are whole.  We are love.  We are Divine.

And just like the specific frequencies, mathematics, science, sacred geometry, quantum physics, work with energy and vibration, and sound healing, we have data, the information, the knowingness of bringing what was once unreal of out of the box into our ever elevating reality.  The Light of Truth reveals all.  Speaking this, saying this, knowing this is how the Light works.   There are no mixed messages.  There are no gimmicks.  There is no separation other than the one we perceive, but that does not take away from our individuality and the individual aspects of the archetypes we play out.  Our expressions, all of them, in all forms are special and not separate, just individualized, reflections, like facets of Light.  All beautiful and not to be denied as they make the whole.

My role is beyond truly what words can convey or express, yet it is the Word that is Light and has meaning.  The abilities, remembrances, experiences and internal spirit conversations have and continue to expand my consciousness and being.  From generating energies that burns my hands and stings my arms, to hearing of the results of those affected by my field of energy, my spoken words of Light, or in private or group sessions of channeling and energies.

Much from ancient texts and sacred sharings to those now attempting to re-define not being able to define that which is beyond words, yet we do and must, for that is how we communicate in the human sense.  The Divine aspects of us, yes are far beyond that.  It is energy, consciousness and Light as revealed to many from the beginning of whenever until now.  It doesn’t come from China – it comes from God, Creator, Source And it is clear, active, real, vibrant and to be honored and spoken of as such.  Words have power and using them in loving ways to express this grandness of our individual and collective expression speaks for itself.  Words are vibrations and resonate as energy giving or taking.

One of my expanding abilities is to feel energy and vibration to know its resonance.  If it is a giving energy or taking energy.  I tend now to move away from those things that are not giving and take energy from others in word, thought, intention or deed.  In Oneness we are all one and therefore we express the highest vibrations of love we can.  Love is defined as elevating and healing via vibration, heart consciousness, HeartMath, Science, medicine, psychology and other human ways we have to detect and validate the power of Love.  It is the great balancer, equalizer and healer.  Our hearts are speaking to us.  Go there to get your information, your inklings, to connect to the Divine Voice Within.  You will hear and know true unspoken.  Then you can see on the outside where there is validation and truth and where there is room for expansion and ascension.    There is no laziness in anyone who comes to this planet to help another and speaking of them in loving ways and respect is how we honor ALL paths.

We can view this and try to make ourselves sound like we are not able to define anything and that ascension is ascending away from something.  Ascend means moving up.  That is how consciousness expands and vibrations work….higher frequencies means more purity in love and all science validates these aspects for those that need that.  Our hearts validate it quite easily.  We know higher vibrations bring well-being, self-healing, love and joy.  It can change people, places, circumstances and events.

So to say, that we are not spiritual, holy or love is ..well, not being truthful. That in itself could be viewed as a gimmick.

We are Holy Beings grander than we can imagine, and that part of us is longing to know this is true and real and is holy.  Each one of us has within us truly, codes, just like nature that activate at the perfect time.  We have knowledge and wisdom that is bursting forth.  To say we don’t know where it comes from is denying the truth.  There is nothing hidden.  This is the grand awaited process of human evolution.  We are expanding as human beings.  DNA is shifting.  We are remembering our Divinity.  We are beings of sound, frequency, energies and light that come together to express as form.  And it is with those tools that we shift and transform into something more.


Transmissions is a term I have chosen as shared by the loving ones I speak to in my heart.  They call it  transmission, communication, connecting, messaging, speaking, sharing because those are words that most humans understand and honor us in that way.  I choose transmission most of the time because transmission better describes my current process and personal experience.  As I meld with my aspects – acknowledging them, loving them and owning them, and honoring them as they are revealed, I realize I am merging with my higher consciousness Self and beyond  So, this connection brings forth *Transmissions of Light”, of information, of sound, of pictures, it is all of these things and I share them, the words as it comes through the “we” of me, not channeled without my presence or aspect of Self-contained within it.  I am very present and know it to be a melding, a merging with my expansive Self.

In chatting with Lee Carroll/Kryon several times on this experience has been VERY  helpful for my human self to better understand the ways of experience multidimensional communication processes. Much discernment is underway.

What does change is my level of vibration of presence.  If it is an extremely high vibrational connection, my conscious mind does not remember pieces of it sometimes, yet my energetic field does.  Because it comes with the part of me/we in higher realms awaiting to merge with me here and we are continuing to move amongst the dimensions,  but this is my best understanding in this moment and I am told this serves for now.  Later, this will change as it – intelligent Light becomes embodied, awakened, remember. Truth for all of us.

The energies and information shift many within the fields of energy and Light.  It is quite profound.  Words are unable to truly describe it, yet the heart knows and understands it quite well. It feels as if each day it now intensifies as there are many who are ready to awaken to their truest Self.  What a lovely job we each have to Light another!

We are moving into a time as evidenced clearly around the world and in the news and media, where people crave, seek and demand truth and clarity.  We have been in the dark and deceived for eons and now, we are moving into spaces of places that are difficult to describe with words, truly. People are experiencing the higher vibrations and is it is opening hearts and minds. Sound, frequency, harmonics, ancient languages and clearly definable feelings/energies of love come forth. Science and Spirituality are finally meeting and merging to prove each other valid more each day.

Clarity, truth and integrity are what we are seeking.  This is in the Light, clearly felt, defined and spoken. We are One, yet we are made up of many aspects each with purpose and flavor.  Oneness means enjoying the entire pie AND embracing All the pieces for they are the colors, the flavors, the spices, the individual expressions that make up the whole.  There is no separateness unless you see it, and you see it or feel it, until you don’t.  You see or feel or know all as all, yet each part, piece is loving and honored.  We were created with this in mind, to further fractal out from Creator so creator can further expand.  The Creator creates and the creations create and so on and so on.  Others just be.  All are One no matter what.  It is an awareness of which we as hu-mans are ascending into the remembrances of whom and what we are.  This is the Divine plan unfolding.  It has been written about, spoken of in numerous cultures, tribes, lineages, texts, writings, hieroglyphics, hidden documents in the Vatican, to the Vedas, dead sea scrolls,..etc..

So, there is plenty to define and learn as this is how we are designed.  When we move beyond teaching, re-learning and move into remembrance, it is still all of these things as we are creating new ground!  So it is wonderful, perfect, Divine, and personal to each person as to how their role and path unfolds and express themselves.  Yet there is a space that we are all the same, ONE, unique, yet all of the whole exists and is known.  It is in this space that we honor all no matter the level of vibration, expression, label or gimmick.  Each path brings those that resonate with it and all is served.  Seek your truth within and know that only you heals you.  Love is all there is.  Say the word and embrace the vibration.  It speaks for itself….literally and spiritually.

The Light of the Holy Spirit which is within each and every being and in all things, there is no space where Spirit is not.  Our wonderful and amazing journey is to attempt to know and define our holy aspects and personal self realization away from the limits and judgments of a third dimensional consciousness.

Healing is something we each do for ourselves.  If I call myself a healer, which has not been my desire, but it is how people seek outside of themselves for one until they realize they are the One they seek.  Healing means holding space for another to step into and heal themselves beyond what they could have done for themselves alone.  Healing is really alignment and balancing ourselves back into wholeness.  Yet, healing is a term most understand as it brings feeling of completeness and ends discordant feelings or thoughts or physical manifestations.

The Healer does not heal in the way one may think, they ‘heal” by providing an unbiased space for the highest good of all and generating a frequency of energies/light/geometry that speaks to another’s energy.  If accepted as those levels, healing occurs, perhaps in that moment or a sequence of events is created to facilitate a healing process.

Let not yourself be fooled by gimmicks or lack of one.  Trust in your heart and what you resonate with.  That meter will send you where you need to go within your self and outside of yourself.  Each person has the right to represent themselves and speak their heart and in this space I honor all, as thy Source Creator reminds us.

All you need is within the fire of your Higher Heart.  Seek all within you first.

As above, so below.

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