New Moon – Divine is in the NOW and NEW is the Way

Changes on all fronts ensue today…first energetically and then quickly seen in our physical. A new doorstep of Newness for all. This is NEW we say, New is all ways as the Divine is in the NOW and NEW is the Way.

newmoonKnow Dear Ones of Earth, your seeds of love have already been planted and today they begin to thrust forth by God’s Will. Add your loving intent for the highest good for ALL. Leave no one out.

Forgive All. Live in this moment. Feel the vibrations of love and peace within. Live in these energies blossoming more each day. Stop. Be in Silence. Let go of your human thoughts and beliefs and just simply be within your Self, whole and feel the love. This is the most powerful act One can do today. Be the seed unfolding the Love of your Holy Self. Breathe and realize that you are already planted in the ever abundant fertile soul of the New Earth, watered with love energies and the Golden Sun beams down unending rays of Golden Christ Consciousness.

When you stop from your busy repetitive activities of the 3d programming to stop and listen to the God within you, you will find what you have been wanting, desiring and seeking is that which speaks with the loudest loving voice ever…is within you. From this place, you each are creating your New Earth. Be this love. From this day forward, all accelerates even more to evidence this truth. Expect Greatness! Expect Grandness! Expect Freedom! Expect Love to reign equally in all and for All. God loves you. God loves All. God is the Living God, the Living Light. God is Love and so it is! Blessings be to All upon this holy and most sacred of days! Be in joy.


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