New Pope named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi

The Light of God moves forward…..sharing From Children of the Sun – The New Pope –

pope st francis“With the election of Pope Francis, may we pause today and give some prayerful feeling to this new leader as a fresh new role model for millions of people, a man who seems to embody the Divinity Flame in all humbleness and authenticity.

New Pope named in honor of St. Francis of Assisi Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio of Buenos Aires has been elected the new pope of the Catholic Church.

What is so significant to us here at the Foundation is that the world’s new pope has named himself in honor of St. Francis of Assisi!

It was our beloved Ascended Master Kuthumi who was incarnated as Saint Francis of Assisi in 1182-1226 AD in Italy. As an Ascended Master, Kuthumi now oversees and guides the evolutionary development of humanity while focusing the light of illumination and knowledge. It is said that in the new Golden Age upon Earth, Kuthumi will manifest amongst humankind to help anchor the virtue of compassion and goodwill in the collective consciousness.

May we reflect upon the profound significance of yesterday’s election and for the hopeful reshaping of one of the most influential religions of the world which affects us all.

Pope Francis is also the first pope elected from Latin American. This, too, reflects the emerging influence of South America for the world, a land where its feminine spiritual axis known as the Andean Mountains is a receptor and transmitter of potent energies entering into the planetary grids from the cosmic dimensions.

Pope Francis values compassion, humility and simplicity so much that he gave up his chauffeur in Argentina and took the bus to work. He sold the cardinal’s residence and lived in a small apartment where he cooked for himself.

It is said that Pope Francis chose his name in honor of Saint Francis due to his commitment to serving the poor and those less fortunate. He carries a high compassion towards social justice and commands attention through the principles of compassion, humility and simplicity. These have all been the virtues of focus with our work from our Children of the Sun platform.

It is all so exciting to witness the wonderful ways in which the Divine Plan continues to unfold while blessing all Humanity with the Aquarian light!

Adonai Children of the Sun.

With love from The Foundation

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