No solutions can be found by joining with the darkness in its conflicts

Sharing from Our Family of Light  –  Jesus through John     by John Smallman

We are One, God, and all of creation, all sentient consciousness, every single incarnate human (who has been in, is now in, or will enter that state of human embodiment), all that exists.  You know this because you have been told it more than often enough, and deep within yourselves your intuition tells you it is true, even though as embodied humans you do not for the most part experience it.  A few have had brief and ecstatic encounters with that Oneness, but while you remain embodied they can only be temporary, although the memories remain, because you cannot bring those encounters into the illusion, into time, where you appear to have your existence – they are timeless, limitless, eternal, and so it is impossible.  They just won’t fit!

But knowing, believing, and having faith that all are One, focus on treating all others as if they were yourself, and then, most importantly, treat yourself well.  If you do not treat yourselves well – lovingly, kindly, compassionately, non-judgmentally – you cannot treat others well.  That does not, of course, mean that you should expect them to be like you, with similar beliefs and interests, because there are infinite numbers of ways to know God, and to assume, as many do, that your way is the right way, the only way, leads, as you very well know, to unending conflict.

Focus on the fact that all are One, One with the Source of all being, totally discarding and disregarding “evidence” to the contrary, which you perceive through the very limited senses with which your human body is endowed.  Keep reminding yourselves of the Oneness of all of God’s divine creation, especially when issues or situations occur threatening conflict, which push your emotional buttons and bring your crusading ego racing to your rescue!  When your emotional buttons get “thumped” it is a very intense cry for love, so do not respond with defense or attack, because that only further charges or inflames the moment, intensifying the possibility of an emotional explosion or melt-down. Respond peacefully and calmly, with love, compassion, and acceptance of the other(s), as that brings in those energies, diluting and then discharging the emotional disharmony that has arisen.

You have constant assistance from your guides and angels to enable you to deal with these kinds of situations with loving compassion and wisdom.  You incarnated at this time in humanity’s evolution to do this.  And you knew that it would be difficult because you were fully cognizant of the fact that you were entering an imaginary environment in which you would have extremely limited access to awareness of Reality, of who you truly were, and of the divine field of Love in which you are always enfolded, because of the limitations that your bodies impose upon you.

You know you are on a path to awakening, a path on which you have divine guidance in every moment, and that all of humanity is also on a path to awakening, although vast numbers of them remain unaware, asleep, lost in the confusion in which the illusion envelops them.  And you know what that feels like because you are there experiencing it with them, while having the advantage of knowing it is a temporary state, a state that you are to leave behind forever as you awaken.  You have the strength, the fortitude to successfully complete the task on which you have embarked – assisting humanity to awaken so that the illusion can dissolve – and you know it.

Keep reminding yourselves that this is so, and do not be swayed or influenced by those who would use the very real seeming horrors of the illusion to persuade you that God is the illusion and that you must fight for peace, if necessary by force of arms, destroying those evil ones whose intent is to terrorize.  All are One.  Good and evil are opposite sides of that coin, the Light and the dark, and the dark is being drawn into the Light where it will be willingly and enthusiastically assimilated, and the illusion will be no more.

Situations demonstrating terror are undoubtedly the darkest parts of the illusion, and if you find yourselves seemingly trapped there, love and compassion are still and always the only answer.  Taking sides and joining the fray gives it momentum, adds energy to it, and causes even more suffering.  No solutions can be found by joining with the darkness in its conflicts; the solution is to assimilate it by shining the Light of your Love brightly, indiscriminately, and determinedly into every nook and cranny.  Where there is Light darkness cannot be, and you are wayshowers and Light-bearers of amazing intensity, and when you choose to be seen bringing calmness and gentleness to the darkest of situations, the darkness dissipates, melds with the Light, and is gone.  There is only God and the infinite brilliance of His divine Light.

Your loving brother, Jesus.

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