Nobody can bring you peace but yourself

“Nobody can bring you peace but yourself.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson and said by many of us same and different words. We are responsible for our thoughts, intents, behaviors. Diligent work is needed at this time to remove from within us, projected, inorganic and artificial thoughts, feelings, urges, beliefs, triggers, desires, wants, needs, etc.

Take the time to question everything for the truth will always stand above all else. We are peaceful loving beings made to believe we are not. this is NOT TRUE. Check within.

Find and create stillness within your mind and or ask to your self, is this thought mine?

It may sound absurd to do so, yet found to be a valuable practice as when listening to ones inner self, cultivating that inner heart connection. The answers, if open to hear, will reveal not all our thoughts our from our own self, but from outside. So keep at it. Be relentless to find ones own truth that is pure and truth for all.

Most thoughts, beliefs, etc. – not ours, not real, and not our emotions or beliefs. Inner house cleaning, challenging the thoughts, the intents, the urges, the forces to do, do, worry, fear, busyness, looping thoughts require our attention and REWRITING, denouncing, and our ability to RECHOOSE our thoughts to one of positive appropriate self support. Helpful and healthy.

Love Self in these ways.

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