Not a dream

dream notNot a dream, but an eventuality as we are One. Man in human mind has created perceptions and versions of beliefs. Truth emerges from within and heart knowingness reawakens and consciousness expands and from these paths of Divine communication via inner work to open those doors from blocks, we remember who we are and the falsehoods simply dissolve.

We are of peaceful nature, of love, of realization that all life is sacred. As this truth is honored, peace, respect, love, care, help, freedom emerge. A New Earth emerges. From our inner work – mediation, contemplation, deepening our understanding and conceivability of our world, worlds, galaxies, infinite nature, Divinity, our self action, responsibility, integral character, management of our self – thought, word, belief, action, self love, trust and truly moving past the mind chatter and rhetoric of the outside influences of fear and negativity and tune into peace, the inner sanctum of the residing Godself connection that is ever present. This is here for each of us to find, it is a key out of falsehood and into loving self empowerment and Divinity realized.

Let nothing stop you from finding this place. You are grand. You are whole. You are loved. You are endless capability, creativity and love poured into a human vehicle awaiting your awareness and commitment to this process. One is all.

We are One grand everything expressing as many. One Love. One Heart. One Divine Mind. The Law of One, The Law of Love returns.

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