NOW is the most amazing time!

NOW is the most amazing time…until the next NOW and the next NOW. And since it is always NOW…it is always amazing!!! The world within is changing at a lightening pace and our bodies and mind are assimilating as fast as it can the more we are consciously attuned to our connection to our highest aspect and our conscious choices. We are asked to move forward in believability of Love coming into active form in every matter of the world, without judgment of what may currently be before our physical eyes. The inner vision within, the feeling of great changes to come, the knowingness that we are one of MANY expressions of the Creator that expands beyond anything we could ever possibly understand within our limited 3-D brain. But our consciousness, our inner higher heart connection to our higher aspects KNOW the Truth. We resonate with it within, sometimes without ever putting words to it. We see others…beginning to change too, people you would NEVER had thought could find love or kindness in certain situations are now…well, exhibiting a heart! We are desiring fairness, love, understanding and change for this to occur.
Stand in your believability of all the Good to flow in to all things physical and non physical. This is the time of year that we can more easily than another, step into perhaps a place within we have not visited in some time. A child like, innocent, loving, fun, playful, curious, giggly self. That place where dreams come true, you create all that pleases you, you laugh and find the fun and connection with all things, there is joy that truly bubbles up and out from within a place that is overflowing with it. A place where fear, doubt, limits, time, judgments and boundaries do not exist. This is your higher heart area. The direct line to our Divine Self.
Tis the season, to go within. It is a place that is being reborn with the Love of the Divine within each person. Christ-Mass is the celebration NOW of Christ/LOVE within us, being ignited for everyday use. Stand in your believability that all is possible to be of love, created in love, experienced in love and all in love NOW. That is all it has ever been to live in humanness to find your own free will way/path to knowingness of your higher heart – your connection and expression as love. Be that. Be love. Christ-Mass is everyday.Blessings upon each of you dear hearts,
The One

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