One for change

We are All One.  It means just that.  We come from One creator and we are “individualized” only by the appearance of illusion.  We are nonetheless One Being expressed as the many.  WE are of One tribe, One family, One Heart, One Mind.  There is no you or me or friend or foe as that is still the reflection of illusion. Yet, we are here in this realm of reality to bring in our God Self into a physical expression so that the variable aspects of God can be seen readily and further explored.

oneweareWe each support another on this path as we are all interrelated and reflections of the journey.  Everyone is included and no one is excluded as this would directly support the paradigm of that which we are breaking free from in our human filters.

Be One.  Be Love. Be the change you wish to see and experience.  We are the Ones that we have sought outside of ourselves for help, for change, for salvation.  Our own loving action is that which elevates our experience to one of expressing and living in Unity, love, harmony, peace, respect, integrity, fairness, serenity, abundance, cooperation and joy.  Begin now.  Be that which you so desire to feel and express.  Allow the flow of love from your heart center to pour forth!  Give and receive this powerful flow of love frequency that reveals the truth and melds all into One loving expression.

Blessings be to all upon this holy day.

The One.

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