One must be free and clear to ascend

prayer-ladderOne does not need nor require any herb, plant or “medicinal” component for enlightenment nor can it be permanently obtained by these methods.

Actually, Dear Humans, these are old ways to experience pieces and pockets of expanded consciousness. THEN and NOW, they are cheats and deterrents from the true task of Mastery without the aid of anything and to hold the levels of consciousness by Mastery. by the inner work, self correction, discipline, will and alignment with the Heart center.

When ALL realizes that the push to make these things “legal” or foster them for research and purpose for consciousness experience IS a distraction AWAY from the LIGHT.

Turn within dear ones to the heart for validation of this. For truth is truth and no one need anything on the outside to gain the ascension and no ascension will occur with these things in place.  Looking to human history of use as validation is no validation. Ascended Masters were not these.

Self evident, yet ego, brain rational, addiction, desire to play with spaces that feel good, needs and desires of the flesh are fooling humans…still. The WORK must be done, there are no cheats. There are no quick paths to managing ones thoughts, actions, beliefs, emotions, karma, creations, accountability and integrity. Nothing has changed.  One must be FREE AND CLEAR of all outside attachments and MASTER the four lower bodies to raise vibration to a frequency of sustainable and appropriate vibration.  The vibration itself does not allow usage nor does one who has mastered their being, have such a desire or need.

Look within.  The truth remains.

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