Opening a space for Prayer and Healing Support – Every Sunday at 10:00 pm CST

Dear Ones

There is so much happening in our world.  It is trying many of us.  With fears that come up.  Finances, health,  family, friends, jobs, reality, questioning, politics, truths, fairness, justice, freedom, equality….just everything it seems.

I receive requests for energy, for insight, for clarity, for tools.  Questions are asked as to how can I not experience so much pain?  Or comments like ” I must not be doing enough…..meditation, prayers….classes, church, self help, affirmations, reading, mantras, self care, good deeds, saying the “right” thing, finding the right mentor, coach, balancing, modality, minister, counselor, doctor, remedy, drug, devotion, chant, herb, medicine, pose, dance, position, diet, food, sacrifice, giving,” …and it goes on and on.

We are awakening.  We are finding that the things, activities, books, people, studies, modalities, etc….help…yet on not “the” answer.  That is found within. 

I choose to be of expanded service and help and am lead by my heart and guiding voice within to create a space to focus on those requests for help, for healing, for guidance, for prayers, for clarity, for balance……

This will be a space of virtual connection.  Connection via our intention, our heart, our energy.  To bring in Love and Light.

Every Sunday evening at 10:00 pm CST for at least 30 minutes,  a space is created for focused intention, a sacred healing ceremony for answering prayers, sending out many energies of love and Light for wholeness, balance, healing…for the most benevolent outcome, for the highest good, for love, peace, harmony and truth.

A page has been added to devote to this space and ongoing open invitation to you.

Share with everyone who could use some prayer, healing, energy and support.

Just put in your intent, nothing else is required but an open heart and to receive.


Love and Blessings to each of you my friend and family,


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