Our Direction


Following our own inner guidance can be challenging when it may directly go in another direction than most around you.   That is the way it may be for those awakening to the process of Ascension, of our current human process of evolution which is in accelerated stages.

Our bodies are being upgraded beyond the physical and into the atomic and subatomic.  Our brains, physical self, emotional and mind fields are bringing to our attention that which requires our review for healing, for owning, for releasing, for higher choice.

As we do this, it may not be what the “crowd” is experiencing.  Most are unaware, simply without a context to that which is taking place.  With no understanding, tools and discernment it is overwhelming and may seem like all has gone more crazy.

Much is coming to cleanse and be upgraded into higher order.  If you find that you are pulling away from drama, noise, media and wanting more quiet space, or “me” time then honor yourself for this.  No need anymore to do what everyone does just …because.

Be of commitment to you inner feelings and heart.  Don’t feel alone, feel comfortable to explore and discover this part of your that desires more focus on life and simplicity and compassion and honor of all life.

This inner direction comes from increasing connection to our Source.  Find it for yourself.

A place to start, to begin is finding quiet space to manage the mind.  To find peace.  Alloting time to contemplate what you feel and what feels good to your heart. Not the wants and desires or the “needs” but deeper than that, the feelings that nurture the spirit.

Follow your inner guidance, the one that honors and respects all life and brings peace, harmony, balance and a knowing of sacredness of self.  One is far from alone on this path as it is inner direction coming on line and is natural.

Honor your journey. Honor you.

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