Outside distractions

Enlighten self. Go within.

Outside stimulation leads one AWAY from SOURCE LIGHT. Tactics. Money. Manipulation. False hype. Addiction. What matters is ones Soul. Ones path to KNOWING self and ONLY is found by going within ones own being.

Most man made outside distractions are DESIGNED purposefully to keep one ignorant of the path of self empowerment by distraction such as media hype, games of competition which promotes power, separation, division and fake importance. All are ALREADY valued and realization of that is by self inquiry, self knowing and finding unity amongst life, consciousness and the service to others.

Divine humans – ALL.

Not to be played self against self…that is one of the oldest tactics to divide and conquer the population from knowing that the Game leaders are the ones ruling by false consent of that which they created to feed from and off of that which they created.

It is a subservient behavior system disguised. One must ZOOM out to see what one is playing and agreeing to unknowingly. When known, authority can be taken by seeing, sharing and not partitioning and return to truth through ones own pathway of Source connection.  This precious connection cultivated by inner inquiry, cleaning the inner house, rising in virtues and expanding consciousness acquiring naturally, more wisdom, peace and realization of self to all life and moving into vital aspects of becoming more of stewards for and of all life.

Our true roles hidden from us. Go within. We ALL connect there when these pathways are awakened. Love as always, is core component. Love self and all in these ways. Peace be unto you.

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