Outside worship

The awakening process that is taking place upon this planet is evolving us out of religious doctrines, false Gods, Idol worship, Guru modeling, intermediaries between us and God/Source to find the truth that has always been, we each have direct available connection to Source. We work to increase the connection and to lessen the static and distortions.

Take avail of that which is in your possession at all times, to go within, quiet the mind, feel the heart space and ask of your OWN BEING, reveal to me that which I AM.

NEVER fear or turn away from that which is your body, your mind, your heart, your inner workings, for anything that tells you NOT to, is clearly and truly of corrupt intention. For any “thing”, we look within to see and know the workings, why would we not do the same to our own heart, mind and self?

Work to get beyond the mind chatter, for in the heartspace is the intuitive, natural, pure connection awaiting attention, intention, use, practice, focus.

You are Divine and its about time you know it for yourSelf and regain your power of Source Light.

“Do not go about worshiping deities and religious institutions as the source of the subtle truth. To do so is to place intermediaries between yourself and the divine, and to make of yourself a beggar who looks outside for a treasure that is hidden inside his own breast.” ~Lao Tzu

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