Overwhelming Emotions! Give way to the Light that is you!

I am getting lots emails and inquiries from friends known and unknown about the tremendous clearing that is taking place.  Many Cries for Help!  Here is what comes shared with us, through us and for us from Our Family of Light –

Each of us are experiencing a current cleansing/purification to the degree that is appropriate and in the time frame that is.  Some experience it in spurts, some in waves, some very, very deep and overwhelming, some unaware thinking life is giving them a super bad day or life, while some humans are experiencing….nothing to speak of.

We, as expanding hu-mans, must know that in these times and whatever may come ahead….however it may look for us or others, that we stand united in love, in consciousness and in physical form as needed to take care of each other…and in the expanding consciousness that is arriving, we create more quickly and powerfully with our thoughts, so this is why this stuff is coming up…as we merge into aspects of our Mastery of :Light, we gotta get rid of these old poopy thoughts that we can’t do it, blah, blah, and claim, commit, command!!!! That we are choosing the light and our power.  We choose the Will of the Divine…however that looks and with that we are taken care of beyond our current way of working and being.

Choosing dear ones, over and over, choosing the Light.  Bringing in more love for your Self and All.  It is only the illusion withdrawing, releasing the holds from your cellular memories and from the depth of Mother Gaia.

In the higher realms, in your expanded states of now consciousness, when you are in your heart, in loving communion with You…All is perfect, All is one.  There is not want, need or desire..except to stay in those vibes of love…and in those vibes a more loving existence is created.  In the 5th dimension and above, we create quickly with our thoughts and our abundance is a given, we have all that is required to live and more and we are not in the realms of the social stuff we are now….

The New Earth is being created from our loving of Self.  These vibrations as we choose to align with love, as we choose to move beyond the old energy systems and constructs of limitations, judgments, separation, have and have nots, lack, etc, we raise our individual and collective vibration/energy/consciousness/awareness.  This IS what the times are all about.  We have elected to do it at a Soul level for the Highest Good of All.

Do the Violet Flame.  Claim your Divinity.  Speak out loud your fears and hear how the truth of them is not there….stand in the truth of the never ending love of our Heavenly Creator, Source, One of all, one of all.

Allow yourself to feel the emotions, then step out of them.  Get outside into nature if you can.  Do yard work, pick weeds, commune with the trees and grass if only for a work break.  Hold your head into the sun and asked to be cleansed in purity. Be bathed in the Light energies that are streaming to us for deep deep renewal, remembrance of our Holy Self and activation of our dormant DNA that awakens us in ways we can only experience in our individual consciousness that goes beyond words.  Yet, it connects each of us in the same way…ultimately as ONE.

If you are experiencing depression, sorrow, sadness, doubts, security, financial fears, worthiness, fatigue, foggy headed, physical pains, anger, relationship distress, insomnia or over sleeping, irritable, etc….be loving to yourself.  Don’t believe the emotions that are being release as being WHO you are.  They are leaving because is is NOT who you are!  Balance and truth are emerging more and more.  Within our society, our minds, our consciousness and our living light cells.


We suggest surrounding yourself with The Holy Light of God.  Speak it….say it.  Call upon your Angels, your Guides, US – Your Family of Light.  Ask to clear whatever you need to clear NOW!  Own it.  Forgive you.  Forgive everyone.   Breathe the breath of God and Light into your Self.     Choose love at your heart level.  Breath love into your heart.  Bless your heart.  Bless everyone and everything, all day.

Dear Ones, as Earth prepares for this gigantic loving leap into Light at the end of the year, vast preparation is underway in increasing accelerated means and way.  You are also picking up on energies of emotional releasing of her and of others releasing…as this is coming UP for all those this ones knows, awakened or not.

Through this vibratory cleanse, its asks one again, to see what you believe.   SECURITY.  Do you,, Do I believe in what we say, what we are hearing from our hearts, what we have been told by all the wise council in voice, in text, in heart, in song, that God loves us without measure?  That we are moving out of an old system, old patterns of our humanity lives and are we REALLY expanding our consciousness to experience love at higher levels and to CREATE a world, an existence from a space that does not need manual labor to feed us and keep us safe from the bogie man, from the tax man, from the insurance man, from the political and governmental rules that are beyond absorb, limiting, belittling, controlling and only creates separation?

Question your beliefs no matter what they are…good or bad…and then state what you truly BELIEVE in your Heart.  STAND IN YOUR POWER! Say it our loud to hear with your own hears, to hear the vibrations, to allow those vibrations and resonance to ring through your cells.  Let all of You stand in the power, voice, thought, proclamation of your word.  You are powerful!  Be that.  Be That.  Be That.

The tri fold flames grows ever larger in each of you.



I stand in the Light of God.

I believe I am One with ALL of Creation.

I AM that I AM!

I AM love expressed.

I AM experiencing the ever growing awareness of my Divinity.

I AM peaceful within.

I AM both hu-man and Spirit merging into a physical being.

We are victorious in raising Earths Vibration

We are ascending continually into expanding loving realms of Gods Love

I AM worthy of the bounty and love of God

I AM a miracle in form

I AM liquid Light

I AM part of the Divine Mind and Divine Heart of God..


I AM both the Alpha and Omega

I AM Love/God in Action

I choose to align with the will of thy Creator

I choose to do no harm to another

I choose rightful and peaceful actions

I choose to serve as a peacekeeper


I AM that I AM

Blessings be to each of you on the journey.  Another step is before you.  Take it with grace and ease. A more loving you awaits.

The One.  The One of ALL OF  YOU!  We are your Family of Light.  We see each of you as holy, we call each of you holy, for we KNOW each of you and YOU ARE HOLY!

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