Personality Triad Chakra Focus

Work with calling forth Mother and Father Arc energies to work with clearing the three lower personality chakras. 10592626_10207844993951682_1680747706551731422_n

Much focus is upon these to lift one up from the falsehoods and implantedmistruths of security, money and debt controls, sex, drugs, addictions, worthiness, esteem, false parents, ego power, service to self….

We are inherent in our God Divine Nature. We are out of balance in frequency, reflected in same of emotions, mental rigidity, limits and outside reliance for truth, when WE, are Divine and when regaining balance, healing, release of destructive emotions – anger, greed, hate, warring, pride, vanity, false superior or inferior and come into equality, reconnecting to our Divine inherantance of ALWAYS abundant, always fulfilled, always capable, always compassionate, always unified with the WHOLE of life, ALWAYS in service to life and all beings, ….we will not be bound by the out of balance of the lower three chakras and earth projection of self and rise up the ladder of the chakras, the frequencies, of consciousness, intelligence and move into love, knowing, remembering the Universal laws, moving up and BEYOND the 7th body chakras and into the 12 of the K/Chrystic Divine Being we ALL ARE.

Awareness of this in itself can bring forth great inner door openings. Mediate upon.

Ask your God Self….how may I be in truth?

Who am I?

What is my purpose?

Love may be a natural response….. We are ONE.

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