Perspectives are shifting

Oh goodness! Where to begin. Life continues to shift from what we had known it to be. Perspectives are shifting. Truth rises to higher levels. The knowingness deepens. Love expands. Gaps are closing in. Joy fills the hearts.

Thoughts are instant creators.  What we think is showing up more in our reality.  Care to be mindful of our thoughts.

Awakening to our own greatness revealing itself mind blowing ways and revelations! How can we be anything but deeply in love with ourselves?

Wow, we do such good work! Living on purpose now has a new meaning with different and higher results. Conscious living.  Gaining new perspectives and taking the time to really look at ones self, deep within, finding even the darkest place to heal, to love.   Much understanding may be needed to shift our perspective from old ways of being, getting unstuck and expanding our vision of what we thought was truth, or the ways things were.  Gentle as we go.

Love yourself for the masters of creation that you are. Embrace every aspect and nuance of you. You are the DIVINE ESSENCE experiencing this realm. Savor it with each of your senses; delight in the nature of being self.  Love self.  Respect self. Give self room to grow even more.

I find myself taking more time to go within, check on my feelings, thoughts and connection to nature, to God, to Source.  What is my perspective now?  How do I feel now?  How can I deepen my relationship with my own self?

As we adjust to new frequencies coming in, expanding our ability to see or questions things, our beliefs we must keep grounded, practical and committed to know the truth.

Changing our perspective offers us new ways of relating to others and our self.  More caring, more observing, more forgiving and understanding.  Patience, kindness and listening to others and our own inner self.

Sending prayers to all for support and guidance as we may begin to challenge ourselves with new perspectives that clear out old or hurtful beliefs bringing up feelings for review.

Support self with rest, quiet time, meditation, music, sun, good self care, nutrition and whatever may feel supportive to you at this time.

Take good care of self!

In joy,


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