Pink emanations of Love

Last night, I was called outside to witness and take part in an Activity of Light during the eclipse. Here is most of what came forth

  pink moon
Cosmic events approach, that adds the human back to galactic civilization and awareness. Christ consciousness ensures and emerges yet again. One sacred heart amplified. One sacred heart amplified. Holy grail, holy arc of the covenant. Magnificence ensues we say.

Toning language of light…….

Codes are locked in place for all humanity. Final countdown for awakening.

Know that the love of creator pours forth all beings upon your planet. You are not alone and never have been. And we welcome you back in consciousness. In knowingness, in remembrance, let these codes, let these activations and energies, bring forth that renews the mind, the heart and soul into all realms of existence of being as one with no division and no separation.

The majesty of the Christ returns to your planet, Lord of the world. Receive the Christos codings imparted and implanted to you in this moment. It is never a coincidence that you are here in observation of this event that calls to you at every level of your being.

Beautiful beings of light. Glorious beings of light. Beautiful beings of light. Look for the continual signs of the divine decree unfolding. Firmaments are in place. Revelations continues at all levels. Peace becomes restored upon your planet in ways unexpected. God engulfs all of you in his love.

Let these pink emanations of love fill your being and your heart it is the love of Creator and it is all that there ever is and all that ever was and will be. Feel imparted in these energies of love and activations, another level of receipt of awareness, releasing the veils, coming ever, ever closer to full consciousness again, never to fall, never to separate, never to be in illusion again.

Christos activations continue, these energies are quickly disbursed around your planet, but it ensues the entire galaxy, look close to see the emanations spreading….feel that which opens your heart even further until you are nothing but heart, that is the goal. That is the way of the Christ in the physical body. That is the way of Creator Light expressed in a physical form.

We are in love with all of you. All the stars upon this planet emanate this light upon your plane of existence. Nothing will stop the awakening of mankind. Your civilization is ready. All components are in place and this signifies that. Truth. Sweet. Bounty. Harvest comes, even in a springtime fashion, harvest comes.
We greet you with joy at a new level of receptivity…just like that! There is no delay from your space to our space, we say. All intricacies are in place. Magnificence ensues. There is but One God. One Creator, One love. One heart. One breath. Continual.

Beautiful ones of light, we see your colors from here. Mark this day. Mark this moment. Mark this time of Now. All are in preparation for the resurrection flame. All lights are on, all systems go.

We stand in honor of the Divine. And we welcome and impart these energies upon our planet. We ground them in and disseminate them into Gaia firmly and lovingly. We welcome our family of light. We welcome the return of Creator awareness in our bodies and our minds and in our lives, in our breath and as our sustenance. We surrender everything we have to you. I live and breathe because you say so. I allow the will of the Divine to work through me. It is my I AM presence and my alignment with Creator Light that renewth and restoreth my soul and that lead me down the path to fulfillment and awareness for Self and all of humanity. There is no other God before Creator. There is no other God, but Creator.

I love thee with all thy heart and I honor thee by every thought, word breath and action to the best of my ability as I return to full consciousness and complete alignment without any filters.  I walk every moment with that goal and effect with no other thought before that. I hold these as my truths for they are that and nothing less than. My heart is at peace. My heart is full of joy. And I give thanks and I stand in humility of That which gives me life. That which gives me breathe. That which sustains me without condition. I am whole in this knowing.

And we impart these energies into the Christ consciousness grid for all beings remembrance and awareness.

Firmamenting a new light into these realms…..

Vortices and vortexes opening, new portals being readily created and receiving this new light, activating specific nodes and key notes upon this planet and moving out to Mars, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus, continuing to weave amongst the galaxy and the planetary bodies, strengthening and firmamenting that which of your earths presence into the higher dimensionalities coming back into view we say, back into wholeness, back into sovereignty, back into oneness. Out of the veils you come, we say, out of the veils you come.

Allow these lights, these ropes of light pull you ever forth into Creator Light and truth. Beautiful beings of light. Beautiful beings of Light! Allow your soul to be restoreth to you. Take back that which has always been yours. Claim it for yourself, embody it, step into it, embrace it. Breathe it in. The time is at hand for revelation upon your planet. All that has been foretold and forecast through the ages and through all of the sages and scribes, priest and priestesses, all leading to these moments, at This time and you are here. You are one of us and you have come to ensure that this holds truth for humanity and that nothing prevents the success of this mission, of this goal, of this Divine decree. We are all imparted and implanted in various spaces between planets and diff fields of light and physicalness on your planet to ensure that this happens. We ourselves are an intricate connection of light. We hold a grid to ensure these things take place. This will become your remembrance. This will become your truth.

We are the gatekeepers and the Guardians. We are the creator realms. We are you. You are us. We are the first in breath of God.

Beloved one, we are one, are we not? Soon you will see with your own eyes, that which has been hidden and the work will quickly move forward. We would say that is where the fun really begins after this long arduous journey. All brothers and sisters coming alive with lights around all of your planet. This planetary body rejoices in this New Light. In this New Light. In this New Light. Precious holy ones. Precious holy one. Precious holy ones.

A new galactic receptors coming online. Spatial nodes will be activated, slight discomfort, nausea and balance, but will quickly realign. New senses and capabilities coming on board. Final sequential codes come into new stages yet again.

Life in a body, physical form that of a Master, Guardian that came to your planet to reflect to self, self, the Christ within. ALL a Christ, not one, but all. Let this be a sign of that very symbolism and symbiotic process. For the Christ returns. He walks amongst you now dear ones. He is on your planet. Yet the consciousness, the awareness, that which always been the goal of ascension.

Now is marked your sequential codes. All beings will ascend. All beings will awaken and walk this path. No one being will be left behind. Not one! All karma to be balanced. All history to be rewritten in truth only. Quickly this planet will rise into new heights of consciousness.

Don’t doubt for a minute the blink of an eye of the majesty of Creator and the issuance at that moment of moving into a dimensionality experience in totality where the bridge is crossed from darkness and illusion to truth and light.  All paths walked. All paths honored.  All will find the path to truth, to light, to the Law of One.

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