Potential mandate for vaccination of all adults – No, No way.

Now, on the NOT SO FUNNY side…..We must be informed and educated if not connected with our Heart Sense and Consciousness to know that these things implant into us that which is NOT GOOD. Hypes are created to allow something to be put into our bodies that depletes the human to connect to the Divine. Let no one dictate to another as to what one puts into their sacred temple of the vessel that holds Creator God unfolding.

God sovereign freeThere is mounds of Truth data upon the contents of vaccines, the agenda and various negative results, obvious and not so obvious. None of which is for the stated purpose. Yes, on the other end, lots of “official” paperwork to say all is okay, just like chem trails, GMO, fluoridated water, banks/debt/money, taxes, processed food, inorganic food, pesticides, fear based reporting systems = news, billboards, radio, groups, etc, = incite panic, security….911 and on and on.

Be informed, not TOLD. Be open to seek the truth and dig and not hide, close doors, refuse to see or listen, or listen to the gossip chains, BE in commandment of Self, of self awareness, knowledge not dogma and not hearsay

Talk to those with experience, exampling, ones with no motive than that of the HEART., NOT FOR PROFIT by name, ego, money, fame, etc. Find out for yourself as this is one of many pieces of our “society” that is put into place to keep all in “boxes”, places of fear and if you want to CONTROL someone, put them into fear.

You want to give each person their power, given them space to cultivate their inner sanctum, ability to access inner knowing and outside freedom of information and TRUE history, to know, remember and MAKE NEW CHOICES without interferences of mind control, emotional and spiritual manipulation.

WE are at core origin, God Sovereign Beings . Work within and outside to gain greater connections to feeling and sensing over the reactive brain. Our bodies and WHOLE SELF over brain is connected to a field of presence, of life and knows that which GIVES life and TAKES life energy away.

Cultivate your higher knowing.

Okay, enough for now…..

Link – Proposal for vaccinations

Power is knowledge applied. Know your rights, and learn more at https://ourgreaterdestiny.wordpress.com/2015/02/23/solicitation-of-written-comments-on-the-draft-national-adult-immunization-plan-time-sensitive/

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