Power day for Loving Creation

This is a day for magnificent change.  The energies combing in today for multiple sources are most powerful and transformational.  Now, that can be received in multiple ways.  Set your vision to in charge of the flow of energies and their purpose.  Be aware.  There are many views and perceptions of the day and influences and We Say, step into the Role as you I AM presence, as the Master of Light and choose how you shall route and direct the flow of the influx of creation lights coming forth.

Set aside old ideals and beliefs.  Set aside what you “think you know” and simply vision with you love and purity of heart a magnificent threshold that you are crossing over to.  Envision our Earth in pristine and magnificent form with abundant overflowing sustenance and vitality.  Feel the feelings of freedom, of bliss, of peace.  FEEL the feelings.  Bring them forth into you mind and body.  Feel love in your heart radiating to all people in all places.  Expand your inner Light.

Today is a gift for us to advance our collective Light in a most unexpected and dramatic way within and to be evidence out side of ourselves. Believe.  Walk your beliefs forward with Light and Love.

It is an important day to review your beliefs and your actions for alignment.  Call forth the “I AM” presence within you to BE you.  Stand firmly in that space of seeing and being Love in Action in all things.  Speak from that space.  Go within, to you Holy Heart Space.  Be still.  Find the peace, joy and love that dwells within and route that through your body, your mind, your beliefs and be that.

We come forth with grand joy and jubilation for your worlds within and without are changing and fostering in the long awaited Golden Age of Christ Consciousness permeating and restoring peace and love!! Recognize the transition that you are creating for yourselves!  Embrace the changes that will give way to loving ways of existing and expressing the Divine of All that Is.

We as your Family of Light, as The One, as  Your Higher Selves, as whatever way you wish to refer to us as, we love you and welcome you to the expanded dimensions of love and your ever closer return to who you have always been, love expressed.

Blessings to all upon this holy day,
The One, Your loving and excited Family of Light

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