Project Freedom is at hand

A Freedom energy is upon us…not just the Americas, but everywhere, an energy of the benevolencey of Thy Creator comes in with promise and implementation of the Light to be restored. Social structures, financial structures, means of “doing business” will shift into higher Light. No longer can we move to higher vibrations and take archaic systems that were purposefully created to keep the hu-man in small of belief, spirit and knowingness with us.

The higher realms operate on frequencies that are now getting re-activated within our beings….around the world, people continue to scream, plea, seek, long for, search, pray for truth, compassion, balance, fairness……our karma is clearing, the darkness is lifting….still with a cloud upon us…but it IS lifting. Hold the vision of debt forgiveness. Hold the Vision that Heaven is being restored to Earth and that which is not in alignment is being stirred up, cleansed, and in preparation of re-birth!

Freedom is at hand dear ones. Freedom, our knowningness from within ourselves, not a book, not a preacher, not a religion, not a newscast, not a movie, not a philosophy, not anything outside of ourselves, but coming from within us…our hearts! NOT OUR HEADS. Dear ones, get out of your head and move and listen to the love that comes from the voice of your heart! When you remove the newscast, the constant chatter of the egoic repetition of unconscious cellular dense history, within your heart is the soft sweet voice of the Divine. Your purest self, your connection to your higher God Self.

Hold the mental equivalent of what you truly believe will come into being. Now you are challenged, if you will, to walk and talk that which you claim you believe. A disconnection does no good to move the energy. Stagnant energy is that of being on the fence, of still waiting for something to show itself enough for the limits of the mind to try to conceive, when the God aspects are far beyond even the attempt to conceive..and this is where you must choose, faith, trust in what you have said you believed in…you can not believe and keep your fingers crossed. You can not believe and say…we will see what happens.

It is YOUR energy that creates what is to be. Is is YOUR belief that brings it forth. Hold the equal amount of faith that debt forgiveness is forth coming. That a financial system that restores balance world wide for all brothers and sisters. Hold the firm resolve that the Light is cleansing the darkness that has had us as hu-mans, bound into systems that purposefully pulled us outward of our beings instead of inward where the heart control panel is that connects us to Source Creator.

CHOOSE! Finally, DEAR ONES, make a firm choice and choose the Light of All that IS and know that that energy is being restored to our world.



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